District 22 June Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014
District 22 meeting notes
Members in attendance;

Traditions read by; Erica
DCM report; Jessi and Ron to start visiting meetings in June

Treasurer Report:116.04. Same as April. check on rent paid for the year.

Intergroup: Wrong amount disbursed to corrections. Dist. 21 Unity picnic. Sec. needed for SP events

Secretary: Minutes approved
Old Business IG rep needed. Erica potential is doing group IG
Get notes in June
District inventory- Table discussion for 6 months

New Business:
2014-2015 Discussion topics for workshops
What DCM/ALT should say when visiting meetings
-input about districts (experience)
-go bearing gifts (get conference reports to take)

Group Reports
· 164: Contributing for reunion- attendance steady

· Stag: steady 25-35 Bill is new GSR

· Sunday Night Workshop: attendance up a bit, doing good $, need women to attend, good attendance at business meeting. Kj could do intergroup?

· Ladies Big Book: 30-50 attendance had IG need filled.