Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2014

Leigh reads 12 Traditions

In Attendance:

Brian – Intergroup Chair

Jordan – How It Works, Intergroup Chair

Sean – Lincoln Foxhall Group

Edward – Back to Basics

Jim – Central Office

Bernice – Treasurer

Jenny – Pockets of Enthusiasm

Jeigh – Spiritual Actions, District 3

Kirstin – PICPC

Joel – Treatment Committee

Tara – Wild Bunch

McKayla – Women’s Big Book Study

Lindsey – District 22

Treasurer’s Report – List of addresses was passed to verify addresses of contributing groups. Budgeted rent was paid for the next year. Discussion of $90.00 was started over where the money is budgeted to, and was found to be the increase in price for the P.O. Box.

Central Office – Everything is going alright. Nothing new to report.

District 3 – There was a discussion of finding a alternate to go to area at District 3.

District 21 – Not Present

District 22 – Planning workshop for October 5th workshop on service. It will be at Emanuel Lutheran from 2:30- 5:30. Tailgating food will be provided at workshop

District 29 – Not present

Correction Committee – Need more people to volunteer to take meetings into Lancaster County Corrections (Jail). For more information call the jail and ask for “programs,” or contact someone who is volunteering already.

Treatment Committee – Things are going well. Keeping in good contact with Treatment centers. Working on building “Bridging the Gap” to help treatment patients get contact to outside AA meetings and people.

PICPC – Had workshop and it was well intended and had all literature taken by professionals who regularly work with alcoholics. Trying to reach out to schools and may work in some retirement communities as requested. Looked more into buying big books for city libraries at the cost of $55.00 for full book on CD and $18.00 for first 164 pages. Discussion of supplying a total of 7 sets of CDs. Either going to area to ask for the money or possibly spending extra money in Intergroup Treasury. It was then asked if the representatives would go back to their groups to get a census on spending intergroup money or asking Area 41.

Hotline – Not Present

Olde Business – Bernice would not be present (she was.)

New Business – Committees will need to be submitting budgets for the next year in October. Having Committee Persons being sent to Area and whether that is factored into budgets, if they are reimbursed.

Also, please ask groups if they would like to have intergroup pay the expense of CDs or if Area should be asked. It can be mixed sets as in 3 full sets and 4 partial sets for a total of 7 sets of Audio Big Books.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:20