District 29 Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Meeting Started: 6:35 pm


Officers Present:                                                                              Groups Present:

DCM: Steve B.                                                                                   Life Preserver: J.R.

Treasurer: Stacey K.                                                                        Back to Basics: Stacey K.


Traditions read by: J.R.

Secretary report: N/A

Treasurer report:

– Current balance: $457.77

Intergroup report: N/A

– See full details at https://lincaa.org/committees-districts/intergroup/

DCM report:

– Provided ‘Bridge the Gap’ flyers.

Old Business:

– District 29 continues to need an intergroup rep and secretary.

New Business:

– AGENDA ITEM 2014-08-10 #002 Agenda – Allow General Service Representatives (GSRs) of registered groups within Area 41 one vote each at Area 41 Business Meetings.       For: 2, Against: 0

– A member di d request that more information be provided about how the DCM’s vote would be counted when multiple groups from the same district could not be in attendance.


– AGENDA ITEM 2014-10-26 #002 Finance – Increase the Archives budget to include hotel and mileage for the Archivist to visit Area meeting one time a year at his choice. Archives committee would benefit from his knowledge and presentations of the history of Area 41.                        For: 2, Against: 0


– AGENDA ITEM 2014-08-10 #004 Report & Charter – The Newsletter will continue to be sent to each District in the amounts requested by the DCM. Two full copies (including all Reports) be sent, one for the DCM, one for the Alt. DCM. The rest of the copies for the district will be a “light copy”, The “light copy” will have the Old and New Business, Agenda Items, Agenda Items sent to committee for Discussion along with background information.        For: 2, Against: 0


Group Updates:

– Back to Basics – Anniversary meeting on March 9, 2015. Still needs a GSR.

– Life Preserver – Steady attendance and recently appears to be growing.


Meeting Closed: 7:10 pm with the Serenity prayer