Central Service Office Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Open with Traditions: Craig

2. Attendance: Craig, Gary, Gayle, Jim J., Jim K., Marcella, Neil, Scott

3. Minutes: Gayle Approved

4. Treasurer’s report: Marcella reported for Dru. January, 2015: Income of $ 9,074.47, Less Expenses of $ 5,146.28 = Gain for January, 2015 of $ 3,928.19. Sales were good in January and contributions were excellent. It’s great to start out the year so positive. Part of the reason for the gain is because not much literature was ordered in January.

5. President’s report: Neil

6. Intergroup – Neil reported. Attendance was up. Correctional facility is looking for people to bring meetings in and PI/CPC and trying to reach out for better information sharing.

7. Office Manager’s report: Marcella
a. Total office calls in January: _162_ 12 Step __2___
b. January Inventory at CSO went well – results aren’t yet completed.
c. The Meeting Place may drop phone service which would leave CSO without internet service which we may need to add to our budget at approximately $40.00 per month. We also discussed our telephone directory listing and possible changes to save money.

8. Old Business:
It was agreed CSO Board would start visiting groups to thank them for donations or find out why they aren’t supporting CSO and to let the groups know what we do. Jim K. will send a list of 2014 Donations By Groups. Each of us will pick meetings to visit and let Dru know by March 6th in order to eliminate duplicates or misses.

9. New Business:

CSO Board discussed the hot line list, if it’s being updated and why Marcella isn’t receiving any progress reports or information. We will look into this.

Neil brought a space layout for Spring Fling and Jim K. visited it a couple of times to discuss our needs for the event. Much discussion and planning followed.

Two people are interested in submitting resumes to become CSO Board Alternates. We should have this information and be able to vote at the next meeting.

10. The meeting was Adjourned at 8:15.

Next Board Meeting: March 19, 2015 @ 7 P.M. @ Central Service Office 28th & S