District 29 Meeting Minutes – March 2015

District 29 Meeting March 10, 2015

Meeting Started: 6:30 pm

Officers Present: Groups Present:
DCM: Steve B. Life Preserver: J.R.
Treasurer: Stacey K. Back to Basics: Stacey K.

Traditions read by: Steve B.

Secretary report: Stacey K.

Treasurer report:
– Current balance: $457.77
– The PO Box will be due for renewal in a few months. There’s minimal usage of the box so the District will need to think about discontinuing it.

Intergroup report: N/A
– See full details at https://lincaa.org/committees-districts/intergroup/

DCM report: (provide by J.R.)
– There was an emergency voting item for hosting next year’s reunion.
– District 3 and District 21 were voted to co-host.
– Voting items:
– Agenda Item 2014-08-10 – Allowing GSRs to vote at Area. 26 For, 8 Opposed.
– Agenda Item 2014-10-26 – Increase Archives budget. 27 For, 7 Opposed.
– Agenda Item 2014-08-10 – Create a “light copy” of the newsletter. Withdrawn.
– New Business
– Grapevine is now accepting Visa payments
– Special Needs & Accessibility is trying to change the name to Accessibility & Accommodations.
– Finance committee is going to try to make an Area 41 manual and model it after GSO’s.
– Finance wants to increase the budget by $200 per year for 3 years to send the delegate to GSO.

Old Business:
– District 29 continues to need an intergroup rep and secretary.

New Business:
– Discussed a possible workshop. Possibly a topic of service work specifically talking about what’s available and how to get involved. May bring in chairs of committees, intergroup, area, etc.

Group Updates:

Meeting Closed: 7:20 pm with the Serenity prayer