Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 2016

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 29, 2016


Chairman: Bernice S.

Alt Chair: Eric

Secretary: Edward

Treasurer: Lindsay B.

Began the meeting @ 6:31 pm

The AA Traditions were read by: Loren


Officers present: 3

Committees present: 4 (PICPC, Treatment, Website, Central Ofce)

Group chair members present: 5 (Young People, Fox Hall, First 164, Big Book Bunch,

Back to Basics)

Districts present: 1 (District 21)

Total People Present: 10

Minutes approved for March 2014

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

(Numbers seem to be a bit off. Will provide corrections next month.)

Balance forward:                                    $1,904.70


Happy, Joyous, & Free                $   18.00

Sunday Night Workshop                $   93.62

Spiritual Experience                    $   25.00

Clock Tower Group                    $   40.00

Principles Before Personalities             $   32.00

Monday Night Stag                    $     8.90

Women Circle of Friends                $   20.00

*Reimburse check #1226 added back to budget     $221.87 (for previous webmaster)

Total Contributions:                        $ 459.39


USPS PO Box Rental                    ($102.00)

Ending Balance for April 2016                            $2,262.09

Reserve for 2016 Committee Budgets

Treatment        $   582.46

Corrections        $   155.63

Hotline            $     20.00

Website        $   121.83

PICPC            $   686.25

Intergroup        $   220.00

Total Commitments:        $1,786.17

**Intergroup’s Balance after Commitments to Committees:                 $  475.92

Thanks to the group that contributed this month! Please mail check to:

Mail checks to:

Lincoln Intergroup        State of Nebraska            GSO

P.O. Box 6366            Area 41                Grand Central Station

Lincoln, NE 68506        2350 P Street                PO Box 459

Lincoln, NE 68503            New York, NY 10163

Respectfully submitted in servive, Lindsay B., Treasurer,  402.326.3005

Chair Report: Nothing to report.

Alt Chair: Nothing to report.

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Neil)

Income     $4,790.80

Expenses     $4,699.26

Gain        $     91.54

Old Business: Spring Fling details we discussed and some help needed was lined up.

New Business:

Update: Clair reported reported on the progress of our Archives Project and showed us the tearing out and rebuilding changes being done. THere is a lot of interest as we had hoped.

Surveillance Cameras will be installed and other security measures are being included with this Archives Room exciting project.

Next Meeting: April 21, 2016

Corrections Committee: Not Present

Hotline committee: Not Present

Treatment Committee: Nothing to add

PI/CPC Committee: Jessi H.

Only 4 people on committee right now. NEED PEOPLE 🙂

Balance:     $402.06

  • Chair attended District 32’s first PICPC meeting in April
  • Spoke to a group of nursing students at Wesleyan
  • Luke (CPC of Area 41) attended conference in Omaha
  • Reached out to Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • CPC workshop at Independent Center set for Nov. 1
    • Speakers: Luke H., Dirk R., Seth H., Lori G., Kara G.

Website Committee: Shawn

Everything going well. Old chair contacted for reimbursement. Intergroup discussed he needs to come request the check from Intergroup, per decision a few months ago.

District reports:

District 21: Erik

Nothing new, just working on hosting reunion on June 25-26. Only 3 groups came to last meeting.

Old Business:


New Business:

Lengthy discussion about involvement at Intergroup level.

Meeting closed at 7:28 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, May 29 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Respectfully Submitted,