Intergroup Meeting Minutes – September 2017

Open 6:37p.m.
Brock 12 Tradition
Secretary report-Approved
Treasures report-Approved
Made corrections on the treasures report.
Bernice: Voting for committee rep coming up spread the word. Made motion to move next meeting to November 17th, October 27th and December 29th. Election on November 17th committee budget submitted by October and voted on them on December 29th. All in favor (11-0).
Corrections: Bill- $157.16 received disbursement $56.06, raising balance to $213.22. Paid rent $30.00 for meeting place for July-December. New balance $183.22. Need female volunteers to take meetings to the City County Jail.
PICPC: Jessie- Cancel meeting last month $301.76 working budget for next month. Working with Independence Center for their workshop coming up.
Hotline: No updates
Website: Shawn- Posted up Hotline and waiting for Intergroup minutes for August and September.
Special Event: Brock- Planning on meeting soon for Holiday event.
Old Business: Intergroup inventory table it for October 27th.
Closed at 7:48p.m.
Next meeting on October 27, 2017 at 6:30p.m. at Saint James Methodist Church 2400 S. 11th
Respectfully submitted by Edward.