Intergroup Meeting Minutes – November 2017

17 People in attendance

Open at 6:31 pm
Shawn 12 Traditions
Secretary report: All in favor
Treasures report: All in favor
Voting budget for next month
Bernice: Got the key from Eric took flyer out to Central office and emailed them out too.
Corrections Bill: $183..22
                           +$56.08 disbursement
                           $239.30 New balance
They need all gender volunteers.
District 21 would like to do a workshop about the Intergroup service committees. Each committee would explain what it does. This workshop would be in February or March 2018.
    RTC is doing an inventory of its A.A. literature. They will contact the Correction committee is they need more materials.
Hotline Elayne: Sorry for not showing up for past meeting because when Central office took over the Hotline I thought I didn’t have any position. What is my role for the Hotline chair?
Website Shawn: Everything updated, will get budget updated once I get it.
Special Event Nate: Talked to Brook got new ideas for Holiday party. There’s two Holiday parties going on so we could be part of the party to help with expenses instead of doing our own. Help put with what’s going on.
District 22: Had workshop in October 22 people showed up. Omelet was decent, several different groups showed up.
New Business: Voting for Intergroup position.
        Intergroup chair- Vacant
        Treasures chair- Vacant
        Secretary – Elayne all in favor
        Website- Vacant
        Hotline- Brock  all in favor
Vote on Intergroup to be moved to Thursday instead of Friday starting next year. 2 opposed and 15 approved.
Closed at 7:50pm
Next meeting is December 29,2017 at 6:30pm. Saint James Methodist Church 2400 S 11th Street.
Respectfully submitted by Edward