Intergroup Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Open 6:35pm 20 in attendance
Charlie S. 12 Traditions
Secretary Report–All in favor
Treasures Report–All I favor
Bernice: Need to vote on budget, and Intergroup reps tonight.
Corrections Bill: No activities balance of $239.30
Treatment Lucy: No report. All new reps for treatment.
Hotline Elayne: Nothing to report.
Webmaster Shawn: Received the revise info for the website.
Special Event Brock: Nothing to report. We will not sponsor Allcaton.
Ladies Booking It Kara: Friday 6-7pm at the Independence Center.Ladies Booking It getting smaller need more volunteers.
Old Business
Upcoming reps might put special event budget on voting we will vote it out from budgets this year.
All budget voted in.
New Business
Special Event needs to be voted in or out from budget.
Intergroup reps for 2018.
Switch secretory to website all in favor.
Website: Elayne W. All in favor.
Treasurer: Charlie S. All in favor.
Chair: Bill O. All in favor.
Alt Chair: Lindsey B. All in favor.
Secretory: Nicole E. All in favor.
Hotline: Brock. All in favor.
Vote to put Charlie’s and Bill’s name on bank account and remove Bernice and Lindsey’s name off of the account. All in favor.
Closed 7:40pm
Next meeting Jan 25,2018 at 6:30pm at Saint James Methodist Church. 2400 S. 11th Street.
last Thursday of the month.
Respectfully submitted by Edward