District 22 Meeting Notes – August 2018

District 22

August 15, 2018

-Loren, RoAnn, Trevor, Lindsay, Sadie, Ron, Cece, Jack

DCM Report-

○ -There are guidelines published by GSO for internet activity and anonymity. -Spanish versions of Incoming GSR Toolkit, Past Actions Listing, and Area 41 Service Handbook approved and will be uploaded soon.
-There is a call for stories for pamphlets and for Spanish speaking publications. -Omaha Central Office and Area 41 archives are moving.

-There will be an election in October for a new Area 41 Accessibilities and Accommodations chair—the current chair had to step down for health reasons. -Groups need to send flyers and notifications for special events to the Area 41 webmaster. Lots of people use the Area website as an event finding resource. -Ad hoc committee:

Attendance is down—only 119 attendees this year.
As a social event (not a business meeting) its functions are duplicated by workshops, Cornhusker Roundup, Big Pig, Sober Float, etc.
Are there ways to have more attraction?
Should we combine the Reunion and the summer assembly?
General consensus is that the committee will recommend ending the Reunion and finding another venue for the Delegate’s report, but that recommendation hasn’t been made and might change—either way the assembly will make the final decision.

● Not Present

Intergroup-● No report

● Minutes read and approved


  • ●  Nov. 10th, 2018
  • ●  Scott W. still confirmed as speaker
  • ●  Sunday Night Workshop will do a panel
  • ●  Russ (Area Grapevine Chair) would like to bring his display and possibly speak-Motion made to pay for Area GV chair mileage to workshop- motion seconded and


  • ●  Loren will get the flyer ready
  • ●  Instead of “craft time” to make Grapevine donation jars we will give away pre-made jarsspecific to entities that need subscriptions
  • ●  Motion made to have raffle at workshop with prizes of GV subscription and up to $50 ofliterature

    Old Business-

Area voting items-

  • ●  2018-01-06-006Agenda: District 11 and 6 will cohost 2019 Area Reunion
  • ●  2018-01-17-011Literature: Sent back to Finance committee
  • ●  2017-07-23#006Finance: Passed 67-3
  • ●  2017-01-08#002Finance: Passed 56-4New Business-

● New Life Group has decided not to disband and has resumed meeting (Yay!)

Group Reports-

  • ●  Ladies Big Book Study- Getting Big
  • ●  Wild Bunch- Good
  • ●  New Life Group- Back from the dead!
  • ●  Big Book Bunch- New GSR (RoAnn)
  • ●  Searching and Fearless- Great
  • ●  Sunday Night Workshop- GoodClosed at 7:35