Intergroup Meeting Minutes – July 2018

Intergroup 7/26/19

Start at 6:33 p.m. 12 present.

Opened with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Traditions: Read by Mark

June minutes read by Alyssa

Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes Passed


June Update: 

Special Events money put into Intergroup funds, no longer self supporting. Special Events can request money if they need.

June Prelim:

  • 8 contributions
  • Expenses, $486.60
  • Remaining funds (less remaining disbursements of $1759.43) 2,487.98 

Web Chair: No report.

Corrections: No activity, balance 385.20. 

If there is a correctional facility in Lincoln, we need volunteers. Male and Female, City Count Jail. State Work Release, D&E – have to have a male volunteer to have a meeting. 

City/County and Community Corrections looking for women volunteers.

Residential Treatment Community – 6 month treatment program, Dept of Corrections, inside State Penn, has volunteers.


Balance is 478.05, Luke will be writing up expense report to bring to intergroup.

Virginia, Alyssa, Chris, Kjersten, and Jessi, seeking out and finding places to reach out and be of service, like Fire and Rescue, Police Officers, EAP, DHHS.


Balance, 326.59

Brandy brought a presentation into Lutheran Family Services.

Cara talked about what we can do to help Lincoln Treatment Committees at the committee meeting.

The committee is thinking about a forum for Area.

Crisis Center needs help, Bill will look into it.

Seward coming to the Treatment Committee meeting to learn more about Treatment Committee and how they can bring to their community.


Brock asked Russ about the June’s emails. 

Brock forgot to go down and get the emails, nothing to report.

Bill advised that he heard people need to be answering the calls if they are signed up. 9 missed calls in July. Don’t sign up if you aren’t going to answer. There is a charge for every time they have to transfer to another person.

Special Events:

528.24 profit from July 4th picnic. 

  • 223.71 spent on food for 4th of July picnic.
  • 110 to rent facility
  • 100 deposit
  • Got deposit back
  • Raffle 107

Everyone who attended had a good time.

Brock will try to break up costs when giving money to treasurer, will be more conscious in the future.

Brock thinking about Tailgate party. Talked to meeting place, $150 to use the gravel parking lot on the side of the building ($150 for whole Meeting Place – great hall, parking lot, etc., has to talk to Mason’s Building. 7:00 p.m. game, Sept 1st, is what Brock has in mind for the party. Park in grass parking lot on north side. Gravel parking lot-set up food in parking lot. Trent willing to speak if the Tailgate happens. $230 for wings and taco supplies. Will buy Gatorade coolers for cups and lemonade. $5 donation. 

Idea was brought up to have wings or tacos, not both. Having a potluck as opposed to providing a bunch of food would be less expensive. Especially since we’ve never done this event before.

Brock said they may do just wings or tacos, maybe even just nachos for tailgate party.

Suggested donation of $5

Brock looking into it being okay if we play the game and having the suggested donation (legal purposes).

Brock wants Thanksgiving ideas. Someone pointed out that they have a big Thanksgiving event at Hope.

Bill asked about Christmas Party. There was no party in 2017. He stated he has free range on party. Brock wants ideas.

8 voted yes, opposed – 0, in regards to Tailgate Party. This means Brock will have the party.

District 3: 

Committed to host area 41 4 corners workshop. After committing, lost participation. Might be looking at cohosting with another group. 

Talked about Hudl, nothing concrete yet. Mark is going to keep looking at the information and talking about it. DCM Mark talks about expanding it; making it into a weekly meeting, covering topics in more detail, repeats every 3 months? Every year? AA Service Meeting, no collecting from hat, etc. Meeting for people who want to know more and participate in service structure of AA. He’s feeling out if there is any interest in this? Do any groups want to be involved? Will this just be District 3? Mark would like participation from intergroup whether that be people or pamphlets to assist. He would like people to contact him at 4023260871 – Mark – DCM of District 3. If anyone has interest, please contact Mark. Hudl is an hourly meeting setup regarding the service structure of AA. Pamphlets, information, etc. 

Mark brings up that he’s trying to find a middle ground on how to bridge the gap on people who don’t know about the structure,and want to participate.

District 21:

No report.

District 22:

No report.

District 29:

Met on 7/10, Stressed Unity Picnic, Van Dorn Park, July 29th, 11:30 a.m., Potluck, Raffle, Committee Booths.

556.75 balance after paying all expenses

Sent $ to Nick at area, donation of remainder of overflow from reunion to pay for Scott’s (Speaker from Canada’s) ticket.

Chris (DCM) is visiting different groups, Monday Night Vets is going on.

Making contact with Indian Center. Is the Indian Center District 20? Ryan over there talks about having a workshop over there. AA workshop topic is up in the air. Just want them to be aware of AA.

Old Business 

Intergroup have any interest in printing 2nd meeting list for the year. Brock received information from Russ at Central Office that 5 meetings in last 7 months, have been cancelled. Charlie brought up having a PDF file on the website to print it off? Charlie said they printed 4000 meeting lists. 4000 to get a cheaper rate. 2 lists a year, throwing out several hundred. It would be smart for Central Office send updates to Elayne.  Charlie said there is a great number of changes that would make it better. Central Office and Intergroup; if they want to cooperate with Central Office, they can make it better. There still is no cooperation. Until that is settled, no cooperation.

New Business 


Motion to close, 2nd

Close at 7:33