Treatment Committee Meeting Notes – August 2018

Treatment Committee Report

August 2018

Treatment Committee-August 12, 2018

Members present

Chair- Jim J.

Secretary- LaDonna L.

Treasurer- Tony K. 

Literature- Charles H. 

Bridging the Gap-Brandy N.


Jim A.

Chair-Jim J.

Treasurer-Per Tony, current balance in checking account is $326.59.

Literature-Charles H. reported that we may get Big Books cheaper at Area. He will ask Cara G. if we should get them from Area or HQ.

No old business

New business-Bridging the Gap

Brandy did a presentation for a group at Lutheran Family Services. No new sign-ups.

Jim A. will meet with staff at the Indian Center on 9/5/18.

Sean and Brent are mentioning BtG at weekly Wednesday night meeting at The Bridge.

Charles and Cara presented at Alcohol/Drug Solutions and it went fine. 

Charles will not be able to visit/present at places anymore due to new baby, so we will see who will be able to fill in when it is needed.

We have a people doing a monthly meeting at the Crisis Center on Mondays starting 8/20/18.

Closed with the serenity prayer. Next meeting September 9th.