Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2018

August 30, 2018 Intergroup Minutes

13 in attendance

Traditions read by Brock

Minutes read; passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • July amendments made – Special Events has been cleared out and absorbed under the Intergroup budget. SE will now request funds from Intergroup.
  • August preliminary report – 4 contributions received (totaling $320); 3 expenses paid (totaling $442.90)
  • Available funds before remaining 2018 budget is $2,795.82.
  • Ending balance (less 2018 budgets and Tailgate expenses) is $516.08.
  • See Treasurer’s Report for additional numbers.

Web Chair Report:

  • All reports received by the chair have been posted to the website.

Corrections Committee Report:

  • Balance is $353.15.
  • City/county jail needs volunteers.
  • Men’s meeting at CCL is thriving.
  • Diagnostic & Evaluation Center (DE) – male volunteers needed Monday night.
  • Lincoln Correctional Center (LLC) – new volunteer approved.
  • Committee continues to speak with state.

PICPC Committee Report:

  • Meeting held August 14; balance is $479.05.
  • October 5 is the Mental Health walk
  • Spoke with DHHS regarding presentation at all staff meeting – continued conversation.
  • Reaching out to HR departments. Fiserv has accepted help.
  • New Business: Union College program for nurses. New groups for approach are probation, nurses, doctors, ICU professionals, police officers.

Treatment Committee Report:

  • Balance is $326.59.
  • Reviewing whether Big Books would be cheaper at Area or GSO directly.
  • Weekly meeting at the Crisis Center. Monday or Tuesday nights, need both male and female volunteer each week. 
    • Volunteer does not need to go through any screening process


  • No numbers available. See new business.

Special Events:

  • Tailgate party at The Meeting Place on September 1. Food will start at 2; speaker at 4; game is at 7. $5.00 suggested donation.

District Reports:

  • 3: NA
  • 21: had Unity Picnic with two times the attendance. The meeting went well. Currently, about $1,000 balance. Fourth (4th) quarter 4-Corner workshop is in Lincoln. District 3 is hosting; D21 plans to assist.
  • 22: Grapevine workshop scheduled November 10 at 12:30 at St. Matthews (24th & Sewell). Taco bar. Scott W will be the speaker; Sunday Night Workshop will also be involved (presentation or panel)
  • 29: DCM has been going to meetings to confirm existence/location.

Old Business:

  • Central Office has moved to quarterly meetings

New Business:

  • Central Office called emergency meeting to discuss hotline. Volunteers are not answering hotline calls 9 times out of 10. Board has voted to amend volunteer sign-up sheet with the idea of trying a new structure for a 3-month trial period. They are seeking certain volunteers to sign-up to be specifically available for a time period. A start-end date is unknown. More to come.
    • Discussion held regarding possible AdHOC committee (possibly made up of District members, Intergroup and Central Office)
    • Motion made – Intergroup chair will approach Central Office about forming AdHOC group to discuss options for hotline
      • 2nd received; motion passed (6-0)
  • If Gretna and Ashland falls within District 29 boundaries, do they fall under Intergroup? Their meetings are included on Lincoln’s meeting lists.
    • All are welcome.
  • Financial reports were sent to web chair, but the PDF did not load/post properly. Discussion held regarding updating and/or redesigning website. 
    • Suggested to review San Jose and Seattle’s Intergroup websites.

Motion to close at 7:50 pm.