Intergroup minutes 3/29/2019

Attendance: 13

Traditions read by Brandy

Minutes read and approved


  • Starting balance $5336.18
  • 4 contributions made or a total of $166.40
  • Expenses were $319
  • Bank balance is $5,502.58


  • Starting balance $411.08
  • Volunteers still needed
  • Attendance has slightly picked up
  • The Forensic unit at the Regional Center would like to have a meeting brought in

Special Events

  • Open mic night was a success
  • A profit of approximately $100 was made
  • Workshop on spirituality tentatively plan for May 18th
  • The rent deposit for Bethany Park was paid to secure the park for the 4th of July picnic


  • Beginning balance of $ $122.87
  • Subscriptions to the Grapevine we’re given to the following; the Bridge, St Monica, Touchstone, Alcohol and Drug Solutions and 2 subscriptions were given to Lutheran Family Services
  • The committee is still brainstorming on a topic for their October Workshop


  • Beginning balance $62.86
  • The Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Commission and the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired were contacted to see what type of literature would be helpful for them
  • Chris brought packets of the CPC pamphlets for people to take a look at and take with them if they wanted to


  • Matt asks if he could make changes to improve the speed of the website and also change the theme
  • Committee agreed to allow Matt to make changes as he saw fit
  • Matt’s email address is


  • Nothing to report

Old business

  • Charlie will find out about the $326 contribution to special events
  • Steve U. Sent a summary of the alcathon ended with a balance of $1,294.79 Attendance at the alcathon was smaller than expected
  • The Loft worked out well for the alcathon
  • The food was well-received and enjoyed
  • Steve will be unable to do the alcathon next year and we’ll pass it on to the special events committee
  • Intergroup is still in need of a secretary but we do have a couple of possible candidates and they plan on showing up for our next meeting

New business

  • Bill brought up the new meeting guide technology app licensed by AWS
  • The app will be available in the future through the gso website
  • Instructions on how to use the app can be found at
  • A spirited discussion was started about the app what all it could and could not do and if the Intergroup was interested in using it.
  • It was brought up that in order to use the app we must have our meetings on a database which brought up further spirited discussions

Business meeting ended at 7:40

Yours in service

Scott W.