Intergroup 4/25/2019

10 in attendance 

Bill Opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer 

Traditions read by Brandy 

Treasurer Report; Treasurer not available 


*Beginning balance $411.08 received disbursement of $49.63, New balance $460.71 *Volunteers needed in most all areas *Committee is looking for volunteers for Forensic Unit at the Regional Center 

Special Events: 

*5 in attendance at last meeting *Steve U gave check from Alcathon *Upcoming workshop, May 18, discussion on food and flyer available on web site *Invites for Treatment committees *Discussion of July 4 at Bethany Park. Hot Dogs, speaker etc. *Discussion about an overnight retreat at Branched Oak, will discuss further 


*Balance $122.77 *Committee continues to prepare for workshop in October. 

CPC: No report 

Hotline: *Jerry K brought spreadsheets from Answering service 

*proposed database for those names, numbers and times available *discussion of commitment to answering phone when signing up 

District Reports: 

3 – No one present 21 – Brian W, workshop went well 22 – Scott W. $1,159.63, looking for ideas for fall workshop. LBBS donated Grapevine to Lutheran Family Services. Discussion of having a Grapevine Rep for Intergroup. 29 – Scott W. $667.78. At their last meeting, discussed Intergroup report, phone app, 

Area voting items. 

New Business: 

Brock goes to LCC and would like to have potential sponsors go with him and visit with some of the AA members. 

Wild Bunch proposed having Intergroup pay for ASL interpreter. Asking groups if there is a need. This used to be done, but has fallen to the wayside. Suggested contacting Sharon with Area Accessibilities Committee for suggestions. 

Motion to close at 7:40pm 

Motion seconded 

Closed with Serenity Prayer 

Completed by Brandy N