Intergroup 08/29/19

Attendance: 16 present

Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer.

Traditions read.

Minutes read; 2 updates needed to be made to 07/25/19 minutes. Minutes approved after changes requested.


  • Beginning balance: $7,353.69
  • (2) group contributions, totaling $277.12; (2) expenses, totaling $249.63
  • Ending check book balance: $7,381.18
  • Ending bank balance: $7,631.18
  • Available funds (checkbook balance less remaining budgeted funds): $4,612.73
  • Committee budgets are needed by November; if no budget is received, the treasurer will submit same budget as 2019.


  • Balance is $155.35
  • Volunteers for all committees (see Corrections report for specifics)
    • Immediate need at Diagnostic & Evaluation Center
  • Next committee meeting is September 3 at 6 pm in Room 3A at the Meeting Place

Special Events

  • Committee met in Aug.
  • Open Mic night planned for Oct 19 at 6 pm at the Meeting Place
    • 6:30 food (planning for vegetarians included)
    • 7:30 speaker: Bambi
    • 8:15(ish): open mic
    • Flyer is being updated and will then be sent to Web Chair.
  • Committee working on holiday party and Alcathon; hoping to reach out to districts for a chili-feed cook-off


  • Balance is $179.64, disbursement has been received; balance will be updated at next meeting
  • Workshop will be Oct 20 at 10:30 at the Bridge (after the Hope meeting)
    • Brunch
    • Topics include sponsorship
  • Next committee meeting is September 8 at 1 pm in the Independence Center basement


  • Not present

Hotline – 

  • Aug stats available, working to get last quarter stats
  • August calls were all info-related, no 12 step calls.
  • Answer service used to be a flat rate ($120/mo)
    • 3 years ago, switched from flat rate to per call rate (0.45/incoming call, then $0.45 per outgoing call to connect to volunteer. 
    • Experience has been it can take multiple attempts to connect to volunteer, up to 10 attempts
  • Discussion held regarding information calls only
  • Discussion held regarding possibility for automation – probably wouldn’t save much money and would need dedicated volunteer base to be available at all times.

Web Chair –

  • Paid host and (1) domain for (3) years; 2nd domain will be paid
  • Discussion of treasurer getting debit card to store in website information for future debits

District Reports

  • District 3: Not present
  • District 21: Not present
  • District 22:
    • Fall workshop details (flyer is forthcoming)
      • Nov 10 from 12:15 – 4
      • H.O.W. We Overcome Fear: Using Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness
      • (3) speakers
      • Taco Bar
      • Bring side/dessert
  • District 29:
    • Balance: $468.09 after expenses for workshop
    • New meeting in District
    • Discussed Area items
    • Chris P moderated a workshop at the Forum

Old Business

  • Alcathon funds are now in Intergroup’s treasury
    • Should the Alcathon and Special Events budgets be held in a separate section, or lumped into Intergroup’s general treasury? 
    • Motion made and passed to table this item until Special Events Chair and groups can add input
  • Hotline: See Hotline Chair report

New Business

  • Reviewed remaining months for Holiday conflicts with Intergroup meetings; following months have updated meetings:
    • October = Intergroup will meet on Oct 24 at 6:30 (Halloween conflict)
    • November = Intergroup will meet on Nov 21 at 6:30 (Thanksgiving conflict)
      • NOTE: Elections for 2020 – 2021 will be held this month
      • NOTE: Committees will need to provide budgets to Intergroup Treasurer 
    • December = Intergroup will meet on Dec 19 at 6:30 (Christmas conflict)
      • NOTE: Voting for committee budgets
  • Flyer to be made and disbursed with updated meeting times and elections

Meeting closed at 7:33 pm.