District 29 – June 2011


Opened at 6:30pm.

Traditions read by Matt C.

3 officers present, 3 meetings present; Life Preserver, Back to Basics and Friday Night Eagle.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance of $288.68. Rent due at the end of June.

Secretary’s Report: Read and approved.

Intergroup Report: Intergroup has a balance of $3675.09. Intergroup may help hearing impaired meetings with money. No committee reports.

DCM Report: DCM will schedule a delegates report to be held with the other three Lincoln

districts. Could not get a hold of DCM’s of districts 21 and 22.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Closed at 6:43pm with serenity prayer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, 8/09/11.