2019-11 Intergroup Minutes

Attendance: 16 present
Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer.
Minutes read and passed.
Traditions read.
 Beginning balance: $6,542.78
 (3) group contributions of $168 + Special Event Open Mic Night of $370.02. Total contributions of $538.02
 (2) expenses, totaling $350.03
 Ending check book balance: $6,730.77
 Ending bank balance: $7,030.77
 Available funds (checkbook balance less remaining budgeted funds): $5,521.61
 Committee budgets for 2020 included with Treasurer’s Report.
 Balance is $204.98; after disbursements, balance is $304.64
 Overview:
o City County Jail – needs male and female volunteers
o CCCL – need male and female drivers to volunteer
o D&E – 2 new volunteers going through orientation; need volunteer for Monday night meeting
o RTC – going well; need part-time volunteer to fill-in as needed
 (2) Current inmates requesting information about AA; committee member will respond to requests.
 Next committee meeting is December 3, 6 pm in Room 3A at the Meeting Place

Special Events
 Holiday Party
o Dec 14 around 3 pm at the Meeting Place
o Flier is available
 Alcathon
o Dec 31 at the Meeting Place
o Speaking with groups regarding food for Alcathon.
o Flier is available
o Meal and dance will be held at Mason Building (next to the Meeting Place); speakers will be at Meeting

 (6) events predicted for 2020: 2 mic nights (spring/fall); traditions in relationships workshop around Feb 14; 4 th
of July; Holiday party; Alcathon
 Next committee meeting is December 4, 8:30 pm at the Meeting Place – Basement
 Balance is $314.03.
 Workshop review
 Renewed (6) Grapevine in facilities
 Elections tabled for Dec/Jan
 Next committee meeting is December 8, 1 pm in the Independence Center basement


 Not present
 Next committee meeting is December 17 at 6 pm at the Hwy Diner (Hwy 2)
 Asking for completed sheets to be turned into the Hotline chair
 Considering removing names/numbers of those not answering calls after reviewing weekly emails
Web Chair –
 Not present
District Reports
 District 3: Not present
 District 21:
o New DCM & Intergroup Rep elected
o GSR workshop being planned for Dec 7, 12 – 3 at F St Church (13 th & F)
 Food will be provided; speakers being finalized
o Treasury not reported.
 District 22:
o New DCM & Intergroup Rep elected
o Fall workshop summary: around 30 in attendance. Good speakers and food.
o Treasury not reported.
 District 29:
o New DCM elected; pending Intergroup Rep
o Treasury not reported.

Old Business
 None
New Business
 Facebook page for Intergroup/Service Work discussion; motion made & passed to table discussion
 Elections:
o Chair: Sandra R
o Alt Chair: Unfilled
o Secretary: Taylor M
o Treasurer: Sarah R
o Web Chair: Charlie S
o Hotline: Committee will decide on chair; will discuss meeting date & location amongst committee
 Nursing homes could be needing meetings and literature; go back to districts and groups

Meeting closed at 7:40 pm.