District 29 – August 2010


Opened at 6:32pm.

Traditions read by Albert S.

4 officers present, 5 meetings present; Friday Night Eagle, Life Preserver and Back to Basics 2, Back to Basics, One More Time.

Treasurer’s Report: John V. gave report. Balance of $176.59. Paid rent and will pay $20.00 for the DCM report for the Lincoln Districts.

Secretary’s Report: Previous minutes approved.

Intergroup Report: Balance of $1522.52, prudent reserve $200.00. Central Office, special

Events, Corrections committee were present.

DCM Report: Delegates report for the 4 districts is scheduled for August 14th at 1pm. Will be

held at St. Matthews at 24th and Sewell. Went over Area 41 voting items, GSR’s will let DCM know how their meetings voted.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Previously approved $20 for delegates report will be sent. Voting items #005 and#008 were discussed.

Closed at 7:32pm with serenity prayer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, 10/12/10.