District 21 – July 2010

July 18th, 2010

Officer Reports

Start: 4:30 pm

12 Traditions-Rhonda read

Secretary’s Report (Amy Z.)

Treasurers Report (Jay D.):
Beginning Balance $394.33


$20.00 (rent)
$12.50 (Wed. noon)
$101.50 (Suff. Sub)

Ending Balance 488.33

Intergroup Liaison Report (Jon R.)-see printed report from Internet.

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U.): not present
  2. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Attendance good. Oldtimer’s Forum will be held July 31st, 2010.
  3. Spiritual Actions (Emily S.): Business meeting was July 1st. Everything is good.
  4. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.): Meeting has grown a bit.
  5. Women’s Circle of Friends (Jennifer R.): 20-30 people come every week. Questioning the need of babysitter.
  6. 11th Step Group (Reni B.): not present
  7. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.): Tom is  at an out of town family reunion.
  8. Practical Applications (Brian D.): not present
  9. Young People’s (Carie S.): Still looking for a bank. Have a new intergroup rep, discussed having a raffle.
  10. Let’s Hear It (Abraham S.): not present
  11. Wed. noon at R.O.C.C. (Toni A.): Toni A. is the new GSR, attendance is good, a big part of attendees are from treatment facilities.

DCM Report (Amy Z.):

  1. Amy visited the following meetings since the last district meeting Wed. noon at R.O.C.C.
  2. Amy has been corresponding with Lincoln DCMs about the upcoming Delegates Report (see old business).
  3. Amy recently was put in the position where she had to protect AA’s tradition 6.
  4. Amy started on creating new maps which would show the geographical center of all meetings in Lincoln, but it will take a while to finish this.

District 21 Business
Old business:

1. District 21 Workshop planning-Workshop will be held October 9th at 1pm, with a general topic of “progression in AA”. Will be held at R.O.C.C. It will cost $50.00 for rent. We need to decide about budget, food, and need to confirm the title, and talk about speakers.

We discussed the topic title and decided on “Continuing to grow in AA”.

We brainstormed about subtopics of this title: Step 1, 3 legacies, fellowship, spirituality, emotional sobriety, accepting life on life’s terms, character building in sobriety, living each day as a newcomer, honest open mind and willingness, improving our conscience contact with God, principles before personalities were the ideas presented.

We narrowed down the subtopics to those listed below. We discussed potential speakers and listed these next to the subtopics. We decided to have one speaker per topic. The potential speakers will be approached (by Toni, Jennifer, Emily or Amy) in the order shown in the parentheses below, until we have one speaker per topic.

Step 1 (Jon M., Greg W., Anita G.)—Toni will ask Jon, if unable, Amy will ask Greg then Anita.
Honest, Open mind, willingness (Carol W., Anita G., Bonnie H.)-Jennifer will ask Bonnie, if unable Amy will ask Anita, if unable, Jennifer will ask Bonnie.
Accepting life on life’s terms (Ken from  Stag, Mary LP, Bonnie H.). Emily will have Cody ask Ken, if unable, Amy will ask Mary LP, if  unable, Jennifer will ask Bonnie H.
Improving our conscience contact with God (Otto S., Charlie S.). Toni will ask Otto, if unable, Amy will ask Charlie S.
Principles before personalities (Greg W., Craig LP, Bill O’Malley). Amy will ask these men in the order they are listed, until one accepts.

We discussed food. Since the workshop is not over the lunch hour, we didn’t feel it was necessary to provide a meal. Instead, we will ask our groups for volunteers to bring finger foods or desserts.

If we are able to confirm one speaker per topic in the upcoming weeks, Amy will make a flier and will have that ready by the August District 21 meeting.

2. Delegates Report: Leon is coming on August 14th at 1 pm at 24th and Sewell. We need to decide how much to contribute for this event which will be co-hosted by District 21, 22, 3, and 29. Flier will be out soon and DCM (Amy) will email it to you. Other groups are donating the following: District 3, $25 for fliers and ¼ (I believe) for rent, District 29–$20 + the coffee, cream and sugar, District 21 – 1/4 of rent plus they want to buy pizza or some other type of food.
**Motion to contribute $50 total (food, rent, etc.) towards the delegates report. Motion approved unanimously.

3. District boundaries. Nothing new here.

4. Voting items for upcoming Sept. 11-12th Area Assembly. Will vote on these at the August 15th district meeting.

New business: None.

Meeting closed at 5:43 pm.