District 21 – March 2011

March 20th, 2011

12 Traditions read by Tom

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report (Amy W.):  Approved as read.

Treasurers Report (Jay D.):

Beginning Balance $544.81

In Out
Seeking solutions for spring fling $25.00 $10.00  (rent)
$85.35(Area 41 reimbursement-DCM)
$20.09 (Copies)
115.44-Total out

Ending Balance $444.37

Intergroup Liaison Report (Emily S.): Did not attend, rumored to be small attendance.

DCM report:

DCM visited Pocket of Enthusiasm.  Only 4 groups that have not been visited this rotation (Sunday Morning Hope, Sat. morning men’s, Spiritual Actions, Thursday noon Big Book study).

DCM attended the March 2011 Area 41 Assembly and Spring Fling hospitality group.

DCM has notified both webmasters (Area 41.org and lincaa.org) and Area registrar about corrections needed to meeting lists (NJ group, listed dead meetings, non-AA group listed).  Hopefully, the meeting lists will be up-to-date for district 21 shortly.

Messages from Area 41 committees, etc.-

Area 41 Corrections Chair needs information from groups/districts about corrections meetings (day/time, facility, contact person) to create a statewide database for corrections/meetings.  This will also aid the committee in targeting their efforts to the facilities that have the least/none meetings.  Please email Amy with this information or bring information to the next district meeting.

Bridging the Gap-new website:  www.bridgingthegapnebraska.org.   DCM will give GSRs new forms for bridging the gap.  Please distribute at groups and return forms to Amy at next district meeting.  1 year of sobriety, full names will be on list.

Area chair:  If there are questions about voting items, please do not hesitate to call the committee chair to find out more information about the voting item.  This would help make the voting process at Area go more smoothly and eliminate much confusion.

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U..):  everything is fine.
  2. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.):  things remain the same, no change.
  3. Women’s Circle of Friends (Pat D. reported for Jennifer R.):  Had scholarships for Tree house retreat, 2.5 to 3 scholarships available for this, had scholarships for spring fling.  Steady attendance.
  4. Young People’s (Virginia M./Dan C.): not present
  5. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.):  going well, steady attendance of 40.
  6. Spiritual Actions (Emily S.):   Things are good, quarterly business meeting in a couple of weeks, speaker meeting Andy D. to speak same evening.  Business meeting at 6:30, meeting at 8:00 PM
  7. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Anniversary had 120 people in attendance,   steady attendance, going very well.
  8. The Steps We Take (Linda S.):   meeting stays the same, moving May 4th, same district, moving to 11th and Garfield at Calvary United Methodist. 1610 S. 11th St
  9. 11th Step Group (Jackie S.):  last 2 weeks attendance was down about ½, hope to see improvement.
  10. Sat. Morning Men’s (Greg A.):  Greg came to districts!!!! Amy forgot to ask him to report.  Oops.

District 21 Business

Old business:

  1. District boundaries/Adhoc committee.  No change
  2. Open positions.  Secretary and alt. DCM.  Michael was nominated.   Sober several years.  Can type well.  Unanimously voted in as our new secretary!!!
  3. Hospitality room for Spring Fling.  Led by cafeteria group helped out by Steps we Take and Women’s circle of friends. $25 donations from Seeking Solutions.  Total registration from Saturday night was 494.  10 to 15% improve over last year.  Discussed using the donations from collections from the hospitality and seeking solutions to reimburse those people who actually had out of pocket expense.  Jennifer and Amy had $20.00 out of pocket each.
  4. Area 41 Voting items:

AGENDA ITEM: 2011-1-22, #001, Remote Communities Vote

Change the name of the Remote Communities Committee to the Special Needs and Accessibilities Committee.

District 21 vote:  Passed (9 to 0).

Area 41 vote:  Passed (33 to 4).

AGENDA ITEM: 2011-1-22, #002, Report & Charter Vote

Guidelines for Re-Districting.

District 21 vote:  Failed (2 to 6).   District 21 would vote to pass the item if  the word “must” is replace with “should”.

Area 41 vote:

Item was amended (28 to 8), so that “musts” will be replaced with “shoulds”.

Amended item passed (35 to 3).

AGENDA ITEM: 2011-1-22, #004, Finance Vote

Raise the mileage rate for Area 41 from $0.15 to $0.20 per mile.

District 21 vote:  Passed (9 to 0).

Area 41 vote:  Passed (35 to 0).

AGENDA ITEM: 2011-1-22, #006, Web Site Vote

Area 41 accepts the Website Guidelines as written and supported by your Area 41 Website Committee.  District voted to pass this item (9 to 0).

District 21 vote:  Passed (9 to 0)

Area 41 vote:  Amended to change minor wording (in b.) 1. the word “committee” was removed from Area 41 Registrar Committee; d.)1. “Area 41 Newsletter committee chair” was replaced with “Area 41 chair”).  Amendment passed (35 to 0).

Vote on amended item:  Passed (36 to 1).

AGENDA ITEM: 2011-1-22, #007, Agenda Vote

Select an Area 41 District to host the Area 41 2012 Reunion

District 21 vote:  Passed (7 to 0).

Area 41 vote:  Two bids for 2012 reunion-District 30 and combined Districts 20 and 2.

Districts 20 and 2 won the bid:  28 to 9.

AGENDA ITEM: 2009-09-19 #033 Vote

Area 41 shall meet three times per year in the months of March, July and November, beginning in 2013. The Reunion shall continue to be held in June.

District 21 vote:  Failed (0 to 9).

Area 41 vote:  Failed (8 to 30).

AGENDA ITEM: 2010-03-27, #11, Agenda Vote

Review the concept of Area 41 4-Corner’s Workshops to decide if they are still viable and, if so, develop guidelines for timing, location, format, content, participation, and cost.

District 21 vote:  Failed (0 to 8).

Area 41 vote:  amended to say “service structure” (35 to 0), and to include district 26 in last grouping (35 to 0).

Vote on amended item:  Passed (29 to 4).

New business:

  1. Tom:  Flyer for “recovery based” event that is not AA was distributed at the Spring Fling.  Called “ United for Recovery”.  Amy:  district can have no opinion on this, since this is non AA and is affiliated with Region 5 and First Step Recovery Center.
  2. Amy:  Would groups be interested in some kind of Unity event (e.g. Unity Picnic)?  Please check with your groups to see if there is any interest.

Emily Motion to close, 2nd by Tom

Closed with the Serenity Prayer

Next business meeting will be held April 15th, 2011