District 29 – April 2011


Opened at 6:31pm.

Traditions read by Bonnie.

2 officers present, 2 meetings present; Life Preserver and Midtown Group.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance of $244.18.

Secretary’s Report: Read and approved.

Intergroup Report: None.

DCM Report: Went over the items voted on at the March Area 41 business meeting.


002-passed with an amendment, 004-passed, 006-passed, 007-Districts 20 and 1 will cohost 2012 Area 41 Reunion, 033-failed, 011-passed with an amendment. Discussed items that will be voted on at the September Area 41 business meeting. DCM will schedule a delegates report to be held with the other three Lincoln districts, will be after May 21st.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Closed at 6:53pm with serenity prayer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, 6/14/11.