District 21 – September 2011

12 Traditions read by Sam

Officer Reports
Secretary’s Report (Michael F.):
Treasurers Report (Amy W. sub for Jay D.):
Beginning Balance $320.41


$10.00 (rent)
$97.67 (DCM-Area 41, Sept. 2011)
$122.40 (room for coffee volunteers)
$17.88 (food for picnic)

Ending Balance: $72.46

Intergroup Liaison Report (Emily S.). Not present – Tom B read the 8/26/2011 report from Intergroup website, and we discussed this a bit.

DCM report:
Amy visited the following groups to consult about district boundaries agenda item: In All Our Affairs, Penthouse Group, Wednesday Night Speaker Meeting at detox, Brown Baggers luncheon groups, Sunday Morning Hope, Big Book Study at noon, 11th Step Group. There was no opposition.

Amy also visited the “Let’s Hear It” group, but no one was there. Three newcomers showed up, wondering where the meeting was. Amy gave newcomers a meeting list and circled meetings from around the area. She needs to visit meeting one more time, to make sure it is no longer meeting, before it can be pulled from online and hard copy meeting lists.

Amy attended Area 41 September Assembly.

  • Amy was given GSO 1st and 2nd quarter group disbursement record. Amy passed this around to GSRs. Let Amy know if any questions.
  • Elections will be in November for Area 41.
  • There is a new banner for CPC which we can now use.
  • There is a new corrections pamphlet, called “corrections correspondence”.
  • Our area registrar has sent out information regarding information for each group. Please check your information and make changes if necessary.

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U.): Not present
  2. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.): “Missing” Area 41 disbursement check was found and sent in. Discussion was held with the treasurer and issues resolved. The group will be holding elections last week of September.
  3. Women’s Circle of Friends (Jennifer.): 20-30 in attendance. New GSR elected and not present. Group is being split up into 3 different groups to help with sharing. Money is being set aside for scholarships for Christmas party.
  4. Young People’s (Jeremy E.): Not present.
  5. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.): No changes. About 40 attend. Group has had very good speakers, and good responses. No elections have been planned.
  6. Spiritual Actions (Emily S.): Not present
  7. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Not present
  8. The Steps We Take (Linda S.): Doing well, staying the same, slowly growing.
  9. 11th step (Jackie S.) Group has split into 2 groups and attendance is 13 to 15 people. This group meets at 16th and K on Sunday at 5PM.
  10. The Wednesday noon luncheon group (Margaret N.) Starts at 12:30, bring your own lunch at 12:00. Open speaker meeting 12:30 to 1. Attendance is in the 15 to 30 range. Is held at ROCC. 2015 S 16th street.

District 21 Business

Old business:

1. Area 41 Voting items. The following reflects Area 41 actions.

020 -choose location for 2013-2014 Area Assemblies. There was new information for Columbus location due to new ownership. District 21 acquired a group conscience for the 8 groups who came to Area concerning the new information and acted as trusted servant in changing our vote from Columbus to N. Platte.

Columbus -1
Grand Island -3
North Platte-34
Kearney -1
The 2013-2014 Area 41 Assemblies will be held in North Platte.

008A-voting procedure for Area 41 committee chairs

For: 24
Against: 5
Motion passes

008B-voting procedure for Area 41 committee chairs
For: 22
Against: 10
Motion passes

014-Area reunion guidelines
For: 26
Against: 10
Motion passes

Amended to reflect 2014 conference instead of 2013 conference
Amendment passed.
Motion to table item as amended.
For 22
Against 3
Motion tabled.

2. District 21 manning coffee booth for Sept. 18th, 2011 Area 41 Assembly recap.

3. District boundaries Motion to approve submission of district boundaries agenda item.

Discussion: Thanks for all your hard work. Most groups do not care if they change, as they don’t know what area they are in now. There is no opposition.
Move to vote.

For: 7
Motion passes

4. Amy scheduled Delegates report for Dec. 3rd. Location and exact time (probably 1 – 5 pm) to be announced. Amy and District 3 DCM (Bernice) have been discussing holding a combined District GSR workshop with the delegates report to follow, with any Lincoln districts who would like to participate. Amy will continue to work with Bernice and possibly other Lincoln DCM’s to further develop this idea. District 21 suggested it be called “GSR Coffee” or something similar instead of “workshop” so more people would attend. Sam, Jennifer and Linda will help organize. Margaret offered to bake something for the event.

New business

1. Elections will be held in October, 2011
a. DCM-minimum 2 years sobriety (Service manual suggests 4-5 years, usually
has served as a GSR)
b. Alt. DCM-same as DCM
c. Treasurer-minimum 2 years sobriety
d. Intergroup rep (non-voting position)-6 months sobriety.
e. Secretary-6 months sobriety.
Meeting closed at 6:10 pm.

Next business meeting will be held Oct. 16th, 2011-count on Jennifer to chair next meeting due to Amy’s expected delivery of October 20th.