District 21 – February 2010

February 21st, 2010

12 Traditions Read at 4:35 pm by Carie S.

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report (Matt S.): Approved as read.

Treasurers Report (Jay D.): Have not received statement for the account. According to ledger district 21 hasn’t paid rent since July. Jay will contact Reach Out Christian Center to find out exactly what we owe, and get this paid.

Beginning balance $233.57. Ending balance $128.57 (after we pay what we think we owe for rent)

Intergroup Liaison Report (Jim C-not in attendance, Pat D. subbed)

View complete intergroup report at Lincaa.org

Treasury- Treasury balance is $2058.68

Webpage-new site launched February 4th, updated content, new look, awesome site, 1000 hits since January 1.

Special events-Bethany Park reserved for picnic. Same weekend as International conference.  Looking for possible male speakers for the event. Meet third Sunday of the month at 1 pm. Good attendance at Alcathon, up $116. Matt C. stepped down as special events chair. Cynthia H. was elected.

Hotline-83 calls

Corrections-Going well, trying to deliver reading material to facilities.

DCM Report (Amy Z.):

Meeting visits: Amy visited the following meetings- Brown Baggers Luncheon Group, In all our Affairs, 2 detox meetings (Sunday and Wednesday night), Changing Times group, 11th Step Group, Penthouse Group and the Night Owls group. Matt S. is graciously visiting the Saturday Morning Men’s group, so Amy won’t feel awkward attending an all men’s meeting.

District workshops: Amy attended the District 3 Valentine’s Day Sweetheart dance. It was impressive-well attended and the speakers were great.

District Boundary “Assignment”: Amy is working with the other Lincoln DCMs, to try to define clear boundaries for all Lincoln/Lancaster County districts. These will eventually be turned into the Area Secretary, Charlie S.

Area Conference: Amy attended the January Area conference. Amy is on finance committee. 2011/12 Area Assemblies will be in Columbus Ne, instead of North Platte. 2010 budget was  approved, and voting item concerning dissolution of District 27 was passed.

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U.): Meeting attendance good.
  2. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Good attendance, anniversary February 27th, 9 am breakfast, speaker at 10.
  3. Spiritual Actions (Emily S.): Emergency business meeting to discuss voting items, since they meet quarterly. Many new people, and independence center is bringing youth.
  4. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.): Steady attendance.
  5. Women’s Circle of Friends (Rhonda.): Good attendance. Past business meeting voted on voting items. Fourth Saturday is speaker meeting, the rest discussion meetings. Offering scholarships for women’s retreat, and possibly spring fling.
  6. Young People’s (Carrie S.) Experiencing challenges with 7th tradition. Doing a raffle to sell tickets, and remind people to contribute. Attendance down to 50 or less. Speaker Joel E. will be next week.
  7. Saturday morning men’s (Greg A.) Good attendance, helped by detox members.
  8. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.) Dropped in attendance over the last couple years. The meeting is now held in a conference room at Bryan LGH West.
  9. 11 step meeting (Rainy) Meets on 16th & K. Attendance fluctuates in the summer. This is the first time Rainy has attended a District meeting!

District 21 Business

Old business:
1. Should both the DCM and Alt. DCM attend the Area 41 Assemblies? If money is available Alt. DCM is funded to attend Area for 1 night and half of the gas for travel.

New business:

1. Area 41 Voting Items-The next Area Assembly will be March 27-28th, 2010

AGENDA ITEM #006, 1/16/10, Public Information, VOTE.

Area 41 to discontinue its participation at the Nebraska State Fair effective for the 2010 State Fair unless a waiver for an unmanned booth is approved by the State Fair Board.

AGENDA ITEM: #007, 01/16/10, Agenda, VOTE
Select an Area 41 District to host the Area 41 2011 Reunion

We only discussed these items, will vote next meeting.

Agenda item #006, Discussion over anonymity, manpower out in Grand Island.

2. District 21 workshop! Let’s start planning a workshop! Topic? When?

Three topic ideas (please discuss these with your groups and let us know what your
a. Getting newcomers involved,
b. Sponsorship steps and traditions,
c. A vision for you (page 164). Hold this workshop the same weekend as the International Conference which has the same topic. This way, people who can’t attend the conference can still have a workshop!

It was brought up that it could take 6 to 8 months of planning to do a workshop. Lack of money could be an issue. Take ideas back to the groups and we will discuss these at the next district meeting.

The next District 21 meeting will be held Sunday, March 21st, 2010, 4:30 pm at Reach Out Christian Center (formerly Hope Auditorium).