District 21 – January 2010

January 10th, 2010

Opened at 4:35 with the 12 Traditions

Secretary’s Report (Matt S.): Approved as Read

Treasurer’s Report (Jay D.): No check book or access for last 2 months. Jay and Amy will work on this. If nothing has changed in 2 months balance is 347.14

Intergroup Report (Jim C.-not present) No intergroup meeting since last District meeting; hence no report.

GSR Reports:

1. (Sam) Sufficient Substitute: Regular attendance, had to cancel a meeting for weather.

2. (Rhonda): Womens circle of friends has new GSR Jennifer R., alternate is Rhonda R.

3. (Emily S.) Spiritual Actions attendance is good, could use more women. Elected new alternate GSR who is Kirk M.

(Steve U.) Pocets of enthusiasm has had many meeting cancelations for weather, will be searching alternate meeting locations for bad weather.

(Jon R.) Seeking solutions good attendance, anniversary celebration February 27th, 13 people the day after Christmas even though no parking.

DCM Report (Amy Z.)
• Meeting visits are in progress.
• DCM is working on a “Master meeting list” spreadsheet that contains updated information about District 21 meetings listed with both the Area Registrar and Linc AA website.

District business
Old Business
1. District 21 submit an agenda item at the next Area Assembly. “The Area 41 newsletter only include background material on agenda items when the item is up for vote.”
**Vote: 4 in favor, 0 opposed. Passed.

2. Voting Items for Jan. 16th-17th Area Assembly:

a. Agenda Item #001—Discontinue Delegate responsibility to write a bi-monthly “Area 41 Highlights” piece. District 21 passed this voting item in Nov. 2009

b. Agenda Item #019— Recommend Area Committee reports contain an update of every agenda item that has been resolved since the last Area meeting….Each committee should give an opportunity for the Area 41 membership to ask questions about the agenda items for clarification only.
**Vote: Agenda Item #019- 1 in favor, 7 opposed. Failed.
District did not want to pass this as written, and feel the item should be divided into 2 parts.

c. Agenda Item #013— Location of Area 41 Assemblies and Reunions (North Platte or Columbus).
**Vote: Agenda Item #013-Read and discussed, 7 in favor, 1 opposed. Passed.

d. Agenda Item#031—Dissolution of District 27, new boundaries for District 20 and 23.
**Vote: Agenda Item #031- 7 in favor, 0 opposed. Passed.

e. Agenda Item#009—Approve 2010 Area 41 budget
**Vote: Agenda Item #009- 5 in favor, 1 opposed. Passed.

New Business

1. Should both the DCM and Alt. DCM attend the Jan. Area 41 Assembly? If money is available Alt. DCM is funded to attend Area for 1 night and half of the gas for travel.

Next District meeting is Feb. 21st at 4:30 pm at Reach Out Christian Center, 16th and South.