District 21 – December 2009

December 20, 2009

Open at 4:30 with 12 Traditions

Secretary’s Report (Matt S.):  Approved as read

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer did not show to meeting, so no report

Intergroup Report (Pat D.):  See Attached.

GSR Reports:

Spirtual Actions (Jay D., Emily S.)

  • Good attendance at the quarterly speaker meeting.

Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.)

  • Good turn out at their anniversary meeting.
  • Their meeting attendance is steady and regular.

Pocket of Enthusiasm (Demetra S.)

  • Will fund an interpreter for the hearing impaired on the 1st week of the month if schedules work out for those participating.

Seeking Solutions (Amy Z.)

  • Attendance is up to 80-90 people.  The anniversary breakfast will be February 27th , 2010 from 9-11 am.

DCM Report (Amy Z.)

  • DCM is researching district boundaries, and the meetings that are in them, since there is no definitive map showing this information.
  • Suggestion made to give completed mapping information to area, so it can be posted on the website.

District business

Old Business

  1. Motion to move January District 21 meeting to January 10 due to Area Assembly. Motion seconded and passed.

New Business

  1. Sufficient substitute is submitting an agenda item at the next Area Assembly.  “The Area 41 newsletter only include background material on agenda items when the item is up for vote.”
  1. District will vote on the new voting items at the January 10th District meeting.

Next District meeting is January 10th at 4:30

District 21 Intergroup Report (Pat D.)

Intergroup Treasury

  • Ending Balance $ 2258.68

District and group info

  • Dist. 22 still needs payment for great paradox workshop.
  • Pockets of enthusiasm and spiritual actions checks have not cleared at the district level.
  • Dist. 29 is looking for topics for the four corners workshop in may.


  • The new web host is “Go Daddy”, which is cheaper and provides the same services.
  • There has been discussion of putting a link on linkaa webpage for recovery.org.

Special events

  • Special events is changing their meeting time from 10:30am to 1 pm on the third Sunday of the month.
  • They still need help.
  • The alcathon fliers are out.
  • The Christmas party had 80-90 people in attendance and lost $37.55.  However, the alcathon bought the remaining water and popcorn, so the Christmas party made $13.


  • Matt C. is currently the intergroup hotline co-chair until the end of January.
  • A new co-chair is still needed for the hotline.  Ron R. is the new corrections committee chair.
  • Their balance is $219.98.
  • Sign up sheets for the hotline need to be dropped off at the cental office by January 31st for the 1st quarter of 2010.


  • Chad O. and Joe G. are holding meetings at the county jail.
  • CCL drivers no longer need to attend a workshop to pick up inmates.  They only need to fill out an application and have a background check.