District 21 – January 2012

District 21 Agenda
January 15, 2012

12 Traditions read by Tom B.

Officer Reports
Secretary’s Report (Michael F.):
Treasurers Report (Jon R.):   Gave an over-all report of end of rotation status.  We do have enough to send DCM to Area, and prudent reserve is $150.00

Beginning Balance: $291.99

In Out
Wed Noon $6.25 Rent $10.00
Spiritual Actions $37.56 Stapler and copies $5.84

Ending Balance: 319.96

Intergroup Liaison Report (Tom B):  There is no report on the web site, he did attend.  19 in attendance, all the officers were present, Chair Bob B. Vice Chair Ron R. Sec- Jessie W. Treasurer is Dick S. Hot line Brian C. Web site is Ron E. (he will be looking for help )

Dist 3 – Bernice in attendance, they have no incoming DCM, there is no meeting, so can’t elect new officers.  News from Dist 3, there will be no Newcomers meeting.

Dist 21 – Tom B gave report

Dist 22 – No report

Dist 29 – Will be starting a new checking account.  Luke F. is the new treasurer.  Albert is the DCM.

Treasures report:  They had no income, no expenditures, Grand total $3819.78 carried over.

Central office:  Income 4,523.09, expenses $5,234.28 net loss 711.19

Office calls 191 – 1 was a 12step call.

Would like to include Brian C. the new hot line chair in this meeting.  Hot line had 126 calls, 83 for meeting information.  43 calls were 12 step calls.  92 people did not initially answered and routed to other people to handle call.

Corrections:  $169.30, Chad O. is returning to the downtown jail.  Mark H at LCF needs 10 more big books.  Still looking for drivers to take people to meetings.

PICPC:  They are working on having a workshop.  Teaming up with Independence Ccenter, “What AA is and what it is not.” They are requesting a budget of $1,000for next year.

Treatment:  Parker represented.  Total budget request of $1,000 looking at having a workshop.

Web site:  They will add more statistics for the next meeting.  He mentioned that there is an E-mail that goes out and get notices of meeting and minutes when they are ready. lincaa.org: 38% of the people who have asked for this actually open the E-mail.

Special Events:  Christmas party ended up with net loss of $389.60.  They do 2 functions, Christmas party and July 4th.  The people who have organized these events have stepped down.

New Business:  Elections

District 21 Discussion:  Is there a newsletter available ( other than the web site ) for the above information.  No there is not, it’s all on the web site.

DCM report (Jennifer R.):

I was able to turn in the GSR Change Forms to Pat D (Outgoing Registrar) in late December.  Pat was going to input the updated information in the GSO database by the 7th of January. New GSRs should be getting their GSR packets within the next month.

Also, we were able to get the District 21 checking account signors changed to remove Jay D and Amy W and replace with current Treasurer, Jon R and myself. All Bank Statements are now being mailed to Jon R.

If groups need to mail District 21 Contributions, please use the following address:

Jon Rehm
PO Box 22067
Lincoln, NE  68542-2067

I look forward to serving as your District 21 Committee Member and working with each of you for the 2012-2013 term !

Yours In Service,
Jennifer Rogers
District 21 DCM 2012-2013

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Jenni H.): Going well, she got her GSR packet already.  Pockets does not disburse because they simple can not afford it.  Rent for them is $100.00.
  2. Sufficient Substitute (Becky N.):  Attendance between 15-20, and within the last month have been seeing more from Beatrice and Courtland.
  3. Women’s Circle of  Friends (Vickie P – not present.)( by Jen ) Nothing really new average of 20-30 in attendance.  Lots of treatment in attendance, with a core group of 10-15
  4. Young People’s (Miranda R.): Moved to 11th and Lake 2400 S 11th St., Lincoln, NE 68502.  Saint James Methodist Church
  5. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.):  Average 45 in attendance.
  6. Spiritual Actions (Brian C.):  Things are good, 60 – 80 people in attendance.
  7. Seeking Solutions (Nancy S.):  75 – 80 in attendance.  Babysitting is going good and they are working on Anniversary, in which the speaker will be Stephanie P, breakfast at 9:00AM on Feb 25th.
  8. The Steps We Take (Chris C.):  Meeting will be quarterly, disbursements will be discussed at next meeting, attendance is slightly up.
  9. 11th step (Jackie S.):  Not present
  10. The Wednesday noon luncheon group (Margaret N.) “Limping along. Margaret is asking for an idea on what amount meetings at ROCC are paying for rent.  They pay $60.00 for rent and this is taking a bite out of what they can give to other areas of AA.

District 21 Business

Old business:

1) Area 41 voting items for January 2012 Assembly.

EMERGENCY VOTING ITEM: 2012-01-22, Finance VOTE – Passes at Dist 21

Proposed 2012 Area 41 Budget.

Discussion:  The Area Treasurer has mentioned that there will be some changes in the budget at the January 2012 Area Assembly.

For:  8
Opposed: 0
Abstain: 1

2) AGENDA ITEM: 2011-11-12, #014, Report & Charter VOTE – Passes at Dist 21

The GSR Workshop shall be an assigned Service Position within the Area 41 Agenda Committee similar to the Area 41 Workshop Service Position.

Discussion:  Concerned that whether or not that the GSR’s would benefit by the GSR workshop chair being required to attend the Agenda Committee.

For:  9
Opposed:  1
Minority Voice:  None

3) AGENDA ITEM: 2011-11-12, #017, Report & Charter VOTE- Passes at Dist 21

Area 41 shall replace all “Scope and Responsibilities” statements with the following: Standing Committee Composition, Scope, and Procedures…

Discussion:  Concerned that each Committee has Scopes that have been voted on.  Some do not feel that this is the way to go about changing them, in direct violation of Tradition 9, concept 4, concept 12.

Becky N made a Motion to table this at Area, and was Seconded by Margaret.

Discussion:  Should be discussed on the merits of the item. Would like to vote up and down at the Area level.

For:  2
Opposed: 8
Minority Voice:  None
Motion Failed

Discussion:  This is a response to dissatisfaction regarding how they were voted in, in the 1st place.  These should go to committee 1st.  This is coming from Charter Committee, not as a correction to past actions.

For:  6
Opposed: 4
Minority Voice:  None

4)    Lincoln AA Anniversary.  Any interest from the groups?  They are looking for 15-20 people who would like to help.  You can contact: robertcashatt07@gmail.com for more information.

5)   Meetings which are wheelchair/handicapped accessible?  Please let me know so we can take information to be updated.  Also, include if your meeting has childcare.  Pockets is handicapped/wheelchair accessible and has a sign language interpreter once a month.

New Business:

1. The 2012-2013 Elected Literature Chair for Area 41 has resigned.  There will be an Election to replace this position at the January 2012 Area 41 Assembly.  If no nominations, the Chair will then appoint a Literature Chair for this position.

2. Goals for District 21 for 2012-2013 Term?

  1. Workshops or Unity Picnic? Ask groups what they did/didn’t like
  2. Any new ideas? – Ask groups.
  3. Group History info missing at the Area level –groups could write a group history for archives.

Next business meeting will be held February 19th, 2012