District 22 – March 2012

District 22 notes for March 21, 2012

Time opened: 6:30
Time closed: 7:10
Opened with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer
Read Traditions: Kelli J.

In attendance: Kelli J, Jessi W, Ron R, Thomas W, Mike E., Kjrestin E., Kyra ,Seth H., Ron Ro

DCM/alternate DCM report:
Grapevine WRKSHP is a go May 12, 2012
Agenda 2012-01-21 (Accepting new boundaries) passed
Agenda 2012-03-10 003 District 14 to host reunion 2012 went through GSO service committee; Mentionable Grapevine proposed to be taken over by World Services; also mentionable tradition 11 change talked about.

Thomas W-Treasurers report- Current Bal. $850 Prudent Res. $450; Disbursements made.

Jessi W.-Intergroup: (Made by Ron)
No DCM for Dist. 3
Unity picnic talked about
Current Bal. $3919.78
Corrections given $150 Current Bal.$289.30
Central office looking for board members
79 calls, 24 12 step
Hotlines sign up handed out
PIPCP planning WRSHP April 24, received from intergroup $507
Web going well
Special event $472.68
Need donations for raffle at 4th of July picnic
Need update for anniversary

Minutes—Seth H.— Approved

*Old Business*
Mike E. collected funds for grapevine wrkshp

*New Business*
Benefit for Houses of Hope in April; Mark Lundholm to be speaking Talk at area about collecting a binder for everything that happens at area, should Dist. 22 do that as well? i.e. minutes and NE news.
Purpose is to maintain a history of Dist. 22 and its groups.
#Motion to approve an archive for Dist. 22 and its groups was approved.-Mike E. to go get binder
Ron R.- Presented a corrections ‘overview’, will be a voting item next area so they are being distributed to be viewed.

Group Reports:
164;Kelli J-New room underway, cramped but going ok 27th of March start planning anniversary
Big Book Bunch; Kyra- Attendance is the same
Stag; Ron-18 people a night, dropped off substantially, alt. GSR filled
Sun. Nite WRSHP; KJ-New setup chair going well, attendance is wacky, fluctuates, need new lit. chair, next month will vote on that.
WB; Thomas-attendance good, mtg. about service reps, service reps coming in to discuss how service works. Going decent, but will continue to be discussed, camp fire mtgs starting, anniversary next month, 6:30 dinner, 8 history, speaker. April 17 Side talk being discussed.
Rainbow Group; Ron Ro. Things going good, mtg. change from 7:00 to 7:30 to make same as Mon mtg.
Seth-Motion to close goodbye.