District 3 – May 2012

May 1, 2012

Opened at 7:00 pm.

Traditions were read by: Sheila H.
2 Officers Were Present
Intergroup – Mark S.
Secretary – TBD
Treasurer – Darrel W.

4 Meetings/ 0 Committees were Present
Rod M. Early Birds Group
Seth H. How It Works Group
Sheila H. Lincoln Foxhall Group
Bob M. 60 Minutes

Secretary’s Report: There is no Secretary (Sheila H. read Last Months Minutes)

Treasurer’s Report: Darrell W. Balance Forward ~ $57.82
Early Birds Too: $28.00
How It Works: $ 42.76
Total Revenue: $70.76
April Expenses: District 3 rent (6 Months) $30.00 – Rent is now paid up to June.
**This notes the correction of rent (mentioned April 3 meeting) for District 3 Meeting being $5.00 per month.**
Balance: $57.82
Net Gain: $40.76
Prudent Reserve $0.00

DCM Report: There currently is no DCM for District 3.

Old Business:
There was discussion regarding the lack of District 3 not having a DCM. Seth H. accepted the nomination for the position of DCM. This will be voted on at the May District Meeting.

New Business:
1. Seth H. withdrew his acceptance of the nomination for the position of DCM.
2. Bob M. Stood for the position of DCM.

  • Bob M. gave his qualifications
  • The District supported the running of Bob M. for District 3 DCM position and voted unanimously making Bob M, the current District 3 DCM.

3. District 3 is still looking for an Alternate DCM and Alternate Intergroup representative.
4. Bob M. discussed the Old Timers event. They are still forming the committee to work on this event. This group will be meeting on the 13th of May for further planning.

  • Old timers are people with 20 or more years of sobriety,
    1. There will be a panel of “Old Timers” sharing their experience strength and hope.
    2. There will potentially be other activities happening, but is still in the works.
    3. Bob M. will be printing out another flyer for this committee.

Group Reports:
Early Birds Group – Rod M.: Attendance is still good.
How It Works – Seth H.: The group is well attended and averages 20-40 people. There have been no changes.
Lincoln Foxhall – Sheila H.: The Foxhall group is a weekly speaker meeting with good attendance increasing to an average of 40 people per week. We will be celebrating the groups 2 year anniversary on Monday May 7th at 7:30 pm. Peggy M. from Bellevue will be speaking.
60 Minutes – Bob M.: The steering committee had some concerns in the past, but it appears like everything has calmed down. There were some concerns with rent, but is ok now.

Closed at 7:43 pm. With the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held June 5, 2012 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor at 7:00 pm.