District 22 – June 2012

Time opened: 6:31 Time closed: N/A
Opened with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer
Read Traditions: Ron R.

In attendance: Jessi W., Mike E., Thomas W., Seth H., Kelli J., Kyra, Ron R, Ron R, Kiersten.

DCM/alternate DCM report: Nothing to report. Reunion fun; great speakers, good history, speakers available for purchase.

Thomas W-Treasurers report-Bal. 798.46, Discussed possibly switching banks because of service charges.

Intergroup: Bal 2444.01 Central office needing alt. board member and will make a new sign for central office. Marcella needs help with mailing. 62 calls 59 mtg info 3 `12 step 4 unanswered. PIPCP, none.
Treatment has money and will spend. 4th of July picnic still needing donations and help. Lack of communication with treasurer, rent and other expenses not being paid. Treasurer currently stepping down.

Minutes-Seth H: Minutes approved!

*Old Business* Workshop ideas brought back from groups after being discussed….Consensus from groups; Service triangle is very interesting, but anonymity is a topic that the groups feel is important to discuss because it’s a hot topic and not a lot of people know about it. Discussed good places to host workshop; 10th& Charleston church, center for people in need, St. Paul United Methodist, The Loft. Thomas will look into budget for Wrkshp. Mike has plates and some other things. Discussed dates; March 30 or 31? Potentially ‘promote’ at area. Invite treatment centers?

*New Business* Motion to move mtg. to 6:45 approved. Ron R will let central office know about time change. Prudent reserve changed to $200. Discuss agenda item in groups for September area.

Group Reports: First 164-Kelli- 25-35 ave. attendance
Big Book Bunch-Kyra- Bigger on Tues. , 2-3 sometimes, will write checks
Stag-Ron 20 or so, different people taking money home b/c of absent treasurer.
Sunday Nite WRKSP- Talked about workshop, need to present corrections PPT, working on group history, need an alt. GSR, 50-60 in attendance.
WB- Thomas-40-50 in attendance, Phillipines will be discussed, hot topic possibly because of tradition violation, discussed.
Rainbow-Ron-20 on Monday ave., Friday 10 ave. , no more spring fling scholarship fund, changed to be used for anything AA.

Motion to Close: Affirmative
*End of Meeting*