Intergroup – June 2012

Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2012

Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Bob B.
Vice Chairman: Ron R.
Secretary: Jessi W.
Treasurer: Dick S.

Began the meeting @ 6:30 pm

The AA Traditions were read by: Mike E.

Officers present: 4
Committees present: 5
Group chair members present: 8
Districts present: 3
Total People Present: 21

Minutes approved for May 2012

District reports:

(03) – Got a new DCM in April – Bob M.

Tom (21)  – Not Present

Mike E. (22)

  • 5 GSRs present, Balance $796.46
  • Looking into switching banks b/c currently being charged a fee
  • Discussion workshop continues
    • Topics: AA Service Triangle and Anonymity in Social Media
    • Weekend of March 30-31, 2013
      • Plan to promote this at area, reason for selecting this weekend
    • Looking to facility to hold workshop
  • Meeting time voted on and changed to 6:45pm, same day and location (to accommodate reps who struggle to make it from work)
  • Dropping prudent reserve from $400 to $200

Stacey N. (29)

  • New intergroup rep due to work schedules
  • Small meeting this month
  • Added 1-2 signers to bank account
  • Switched PO boxes.
    • New PO: PO Box 5481, Lincoln, 68501

Treasurers Report:

Balance forward:  $2,444.01
Seeking Solutions $116.56
PICPC Committee $250.00
*Willard Center – Rent   $315.00
Ending Balance  $1,995.27

Reserve for Committee Budgets
Corrections  $450.00
Treatment  $750.00
PICPC  $500.00
Total $1,700.00

**Intergroup’s Balance after these Obligations                        $   295.27

* $210 of rent was to catch up from the previous 21 months that had gone unpaid. $105 to pay rent for the remainder of 2012. Mutual decision to increase rent to $15 a month rather than $10.

** This balance indicates where intergroup would stand at the end of the year, if all money requested by committees is disbursed and no more contributions are taken in from AA groups.

Mail checks to:
Lincoln Intergroup
P.O. Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Respectfully your servant, Dick S., Treasurer

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Jim K.) – Meeting May 17, 2012

No Minutes b/c they need to be amended. Nothing urgent to report.

  • The central office sign has been made!

Next Meeting: June 2012

Corrections Committee: (Ron R.)

  • No meeting in June.
  • They did meet with Treatment Committee and the workshop will be in the fall

**Next Meeting, Tuesday, July 3 at 6pm – Meeting place (28th & S), room 2A

Hotline committee: (Brian C.)
Calls – 112
Requesting Meeting Info – 95
12 Step Calls – 17
Not answered – 38

** Lists were turned in and those have been placed in affect  for July, August, and September.

MEMBERS:  Please note, there are numbers and information on the back of the sign-up sheet to further assist the groups and our responsibilities. Suggest to people signing up they save the numbers in their phone so they know it’s the hotline when a call comes through.

PI/CPC Committee: (Jessi W.) – Meeting cancelled, nothing to report.

Treatment Committee: (Becky R.)

  • Met with Corrections Committee – workshop in the fall.
  • Looking into speaker options and locations.

Website Committee: (Ron E.)

  • Received minutes from all 4 districts!
  • Now has the ability to scan in hard copies of minutes, announcements, etc. (NEW OPTION!!)
  • Website’s budget: $86.61 (hosting, domain, private registration)
    • Self sufficient

Special Events Committee: (Carol)

  • Balance: $578.28
    • Will use $200 to buy more supplies for 4th.
  • Princella & Kevin S. joined committee! YAY!
  • Princella accepted secretary position
  • Jeremy was tentatively elected to chair, but he doesn’t know yet (not present at meeting)
  • Still need treasurer
  • 4 past members will only be helping organize for the 4th, after this they will be moving on
  • Thank you to all who donated raffle items!!
  • Need help setting up at 9am on July 4th (cooking 500 hotdogs, etc.)
  • Committee still needs help, so spread the word!
  • Next meeting will be July 15, 1pm, Highway Diner

For more info on all committee reports visit

Old Business:

  • Dick stepped in when former intergroup treasurer passed away
    • Bob B explained duties to Dick, and will take fault for rent not being paid.
    • Dick feels better about position and has decided to stay in treasurer position.
      • However, if someone is interested in taking this position over, he is happy to step down. Otherwise he will continue for this rotation.
  • Ron got separate spreadsheet (edited version of Central Office Bulletin)
    • He got help splitting out the AA from non AA

New Business:

  • Discussion on committee budgets
    • Corrections: $750 total requested, $300 has been paid up to July. They would like quarterly check disbursements.
    • Treatment: $1,000 total requested, $500 has been paid up to July. They would like quarterly check disbursements.
    • PICPC: $1,000 total requested, $750 has been paid up to July. They would like quarterly check disbursements.
    • August is when we should start 2013 budgets.
  • MOTION: Start 2013 budget preparation in August so we know where money is going in 2013. (Seconded.) Motion passed.
    • All committees must present committee budgets at the August intergroup meeting.
  • What is Intergroup?
    • Usually large metropolitan areas have it for committees to come together
    • Do we have a scope?
      • Primary Purpose
      • Coordinate various activities going on throughout the city.
    • Each committee has an intro page on the website, should we consider reviewing those?
      • MOTION: Review your specific group info and bring changes for the July meeting. (Both Committees and Districts) (Seconded.) Motion passed.
  • Becky R. discussed concerns about website being self supporting.
    • MOTION: Intergroup reimburses Ron for this year and passes all website expenses in the future. (Second – but you can sign it and donate it back if you want.)
      • Not against traditions if he wants to pay for it.
      • Prefers to make donations anonymous, so it’s fine with Webchair
      • We need to know where our money is needed (when making the budget).
    • MOTION PASSED – Ron will be reimbursed $86.61 for 2012. And this amount will be included in 2013’s budget.
  • Who does Bridging the Gap contact?
    • Treatment committee
      • Treatment committee didn’t realize how big of a job Bridging the Gap was so they are trying to get more people on that. Jim will let Marcella know to contact Becky or Cody.
  • Questions: NYPAA, where does it go? Not AA?
    • Can’t we put a disclaimer on the Central Office Bulletin?
    • Decision: Events page, try it with just birthdays and meeting changes and see what feedback we get back in July.
      • Jim did tell Central Office that the Bulletin would be off the website
    • MOTION: To table Central Office Bulletin/Events on website discussion until next month. (Seconded.) Motion Passed.

Meeting closed at 7:36 PM, and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, July 27 @ 6:30 @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Jessi W.