District 22 – August 2012

Date: 8/15/12

  1.   Moment of silence/ Serenity prayer.
  2. Special announcements: Tim P. new GSR; Everyone’s Step.
    *Check with registrar to see if the group is registered.
    *Also get Tim his GSR tool kit.
  3. Traditions read by: Kyrsten E.
  4. Members in attendance: Ron R., Kyrsten E, Tim P., Mike E., Seth H., Kyra
  5. DCM/ALT DCM reports: Nothing to report
  6. Treasurers report: No Treasurer
  7. Intergroup: July 27, Bal. $1185.74 Cent. Off. Needs Alt Board
    Member Contact; Gary, Craig, Ron P Corrections seeking Spanish
    speaking meeting . Hotline: 64 mtg info 20 12 step 47 unanswered. Spec
    Events $379 Need chair and Treasurer, Xmas party Dec 1st, location
    N/A. New Biz; Deposits dried up. Stag voted to send money again.
  8. Secretary minutes: Approved
    Motioned/Seconded for approval
  9. Old Business: N/A
  10. New Business: Agenda Item 2012-1-21 Passed
  11. Group Reports:
    a. 164: Not Present
    b. Big Book Bunch: Kyra- Attend up and down. Ave. 10
    c. Stag: Ron R- Attend ave 30
    d. Sunday Night Wkshp: Kyrsten E. Ave. 40-70. Overall things good,
    positions possible changes.
    e. Wild Bunch: Not present
    f. Rainbow Group: Not present
    g. LBB Study: Not Present
    h. Everyone’s Step: 5-8 lots of sobriety. Used to be big meeting,
    now has fizzled out.