Central Service Office – August 2012

Lincoln Central Service Office Board of Director’s Meeting

August 16, 2012

Open With Traditions: Neil

Attendance:    Gary, Klara, DR, Jim, Marcella, Gayle, Neil, Craig, Ron, Dru & Eric


Treasurer’s Report:  Eric

Income:      $5,946.76
Expenses:    $6,284.32
Loss:        ($337.56)

President’s Report:  Nothing to Report

Intergroup Report:  Ron

Bulletin of activities won’t be on web page anymore; only meeting changes

Christmas party on 12/1/12

Office Manager’s Report:  Marcella

Total office calls in July: __171____12  step:__4__

Bulletin needs AA taken off.  Should be Lincoln Central Office Bulletin

Old Business:

Need 1 alternate board member.

Still discussing attending other meetings to discuss Central Office and it’s role in the community

Jim will bring up lack of a Bridging the Gap Committee and discuss creating one at Intergroup

Ernie was to check on post office pick up of packages for Marcella.

Jim K. will check with the meeting place about putting flyers for upcoming events on-line

New Business:

Marcella checked changes to meetings online but found several things had not been changed.  Jim K will check with Ron regarding these updates

Taped old-timers DVD’s will sell at central office

Saturday Morning Women’s meeting key can be kept in the central office

Next Board Meeting:  September 20, 2012