District 3 – September 2012

September 4, 2012

Opened at 7:01 pm.

Traditions were read by:Mark S.

3 Officers Were Present
DCM – Bob M.
Intergroup – Mark S.
Secretary – Sheila H.

3 Groups were Present

Diane H. & Candy L. 60 Minutes
Sheila H. Lincoln Foxhall Group
Rod M.-Early Birds Group

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. read the August 10, 2012 District 2 Meeting Minutes which were approved.

Intergroup Report: (for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org )

DCM Report: Bob M. had contact with a couple of the GSR’s in District 3 but they were unable to attend this meeting.

Old Business:

  • Continue to talk to groups that District 3 is still seeking people to serve as Alternate DCM & Alternate Intergroup Liaison.
  • Corrections Power Point to be voted on. District 3 elected to table the voting of this item until September District 3 Meeting.
  • Workshop ideas, potentially a play or a skit that would encourage group participation and Unity.
  • District 3 secretary has a new email address: district3sec@gmail.com

New Business:

  • Bob M. is still seeking input from the District 3 groups regarding holding some kind of workshop. Suggestion of possibly doing a play about traditions or sponsorship. All ideas are welcome. There were some examples provided to the group to look at. With a web link for GSR’s to look at other recovery skits on line.
  • Corrections Power point voting item
    • Voting item was read from the Aria 41 News letter – Discussion was had
    • Vote: For ~ 0; Against ~ 2; Obtained ~ 1. Corrections voting itemFailed

Group Reports:

Early Birds Group> Rod M. – (Monday – Friday 8:15AM – Lincoln)

The meeting is going well; there are a lot of “old timers” who attend this meeting. They focus on carrying the message and working with the newcomers.

60 Minutes Group> Candy L. – (Sunday 10:15AM – Lincoln)

  • New GSR is Diane H. Alternate GSR is Candy L.
  • The group had their business meeting on the 26th. They talked about sending the GSR to Area 41, but voted to table that talk due to circumstances and the current budget but there is a better potential for the GSR to attend the next Aria meeting in November. There were other offers to have the GSR go with other members attending the meeting.
  • The group had great discussion regarding the Corrections Power Point Voting item.
  • The group is looking for people interested in service work: greeters and people to serve coffee.

Lincoln Foxhall Group> Sheila H. – (Monday 7:30 PM – Lincoln)

The group continues to grow, at times up to 50 people in attendance and we are seeing more newcomers participating.

Closed at 7:58 pm with the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held September 4, 2012 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor at 7:00 pm.