Central Office – September 2012

Lincoln Central Service Office Board of Director’s Meeting

September 20, 2012

  1. Open With Traditions: Neil
  2. Attendance:    Dru, Jim, Ron, Klara, Marcella, Gayle, Eric, Gary, Neil, Craig
  3. Minutes-Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Eric

Income:      $5,920.32

Expenses:    $4,850.30

Loss:        1,070.02

  1. President’s Report:  Jim stated his opinion about the central office at intergroup
  1. Intergroup Report:  Ron
  • 22 people attended
  • Treatment and corrections doing workshop 8/16/12
  • Drug court is interested in receiving big books
  • Special Events committee is fully staffed
  • Gave Ron inmate letter received by Marcella about getting women’s prison some AA literature
  1. Office Manager’s Report:  Marcella
  1. Total office calls in August:  194; 12  step: 5
  • Webmaster will only accept meeting changes from Marcella
  1. Old Business:
  • Need 1 alternate board member.
  • Still discussing attending other meetings to discuss Central Office and it’s role in the community
  • Jim K. will check with the meeting place about putting flyers for upcoming events on-line
  1. New Business:
  • Old-timers DVD will not be sold.  A copy will be kept for archives only
  • Jim will find get the list of old-timers that will be speakers/sponsors for Marcella

Next Board Meeting:  October 18, 2012