Intergroup – September 2012

Meeting Minutes – September 28, 2012
Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Bob B.
Vice Chairman: Ron R.
Secretary: Jessi W.
Treasurer: Dick S.

Began the meeting @ 6:30 pm
The AA Traditions were read by: Ernie

Officers present: 4
Committees present: 5
Group chair members present: 12
Districts present: 3
Total People Present: 21

Minutes approved for August 2012

District reports:

Bob M. (03) –

Tom (21)
Balance – $572.13
Talk of a workshop yet this year? Maybe first part of next year
Treasurer gave a budget presentation – let them know expenses will go up because of Area in North Platte next year
Mike E. (22)
Balance – $858.46
2 new GSRs – 9 people present at meeting
Talked more about workshop in March 2013, waiting for numbers from treasurer
Discussed putting a bid in for 4 corners workshop next year (quarters 3 or 4)

Stacey N. (29)  – Not present

Treasurers Report:

Balance forward:$1,468.66
First 164 Group            $120.00
Misc Deposit – Special Events          629.28

Hotline  $    5.24

Ending Balance $2,212.70

Reserve for Committee Budgets
Special Events            $    629.28
Corrections            $    300.00
Treatment            $    500.00
PICPC (Corrected)        $    235.74

**Intergroup’s Balance after these Obligations                        $   547.68

** This balance indicates where intergroup would stand at the end of the year, if all money requested by committees is disbursed and no more contributions are taken in from AA groups.

2013 Budget Request
Treatment Committee        $1,000.00
Corrections (2012 – $750)    TBA
Hotline                $      20.00
Website            $    100.00
PICPC                $    600.00
Intergroup            $    250.00

Thank you to the groups that contributed this month!

Mail checks to:
Lincoln Intergroup
P.O. Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506
Respectfully your servant, Dick S., Treasurer

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Jim K.) – Meeting August 16, 2012
Treasurer’s Report: Income         $5,946.76
Expenses         $7,284.32
Gain/Loss    ($  337.56)
Old Business
Still need 1 alternate board member
Still discussing attending other meetings to discuss CO and its role in community.
Jim will bring up lack of Bridging the Gap Committee and discuss creating one at Intergroup.
Ernie was to check on post office pick up of packages for Marcella.
Jim K. will check with the meeting place about putting flyers for upcoming events online.
New Business
Marcella checked changes to meetings online and found several things haven’t been changed. Jim will check with Ron about these.
Taped old-timers DVDs will sell at CO — This is NOT happening. There is one copy at CO for archives, and one copy with the Old Timers Committee.
Next Meeting: September 20, 2012

Corrections Committee: (Ron R.) – Meeting: September 4, 2012
Beginning Balance                    $559.30
No Activity
(City-County Jails) – Joe G. Chad O. is checking with Antonio Garcia (District 31/Spanish Speaking DCM) regarding a Spanish meeting for the downtown jail.
(CCCL) – Tom E. In-house 12 Step study on Tuesday nights continues to go well.
(D&E) – Bill O. Wednesday night meeting still going well.
(RTC) – Bill O. The facility has been on lockdown since early August (Bill B. reports the same for the Nebraska State Penitentiary). The meeting will resume when lockdown is over.
(Old Business) – Continuing discussion of joint workshop with the Treatment Committee. The date/time/location are set and fliers are out.
(New Business) – None.
**Next Meeting, Tuesday, October 2 at 6pm – Meeting place (28th & S), room 2A

Hotline committee: (Brian C.)
Calls – 59
Requesting Meeting Info – 46
12 Step Calls – 13
Not answered –22
New lists will take effect in October
Unable to count calls when AA members call hotline back after missing a call

** These are numbers from the new lists that are in affect for July, August, and September.

MEMBERS:  Please note, there are numbers and information on the back of the sign-up sheet to further assist the groups and our responsibilities. Suggest to people signing up they save the numbers in their phone so they know it’s the hotline when a call comes through.

PI/CPC Committee: (Jessi W.)
Balance: $603.32
Did not meet in person in September. Had virtual meeting through emails.
Continuing to establish contacts at treatment centers and with other programs
Ordered 12 question pamphlet from Area. Will take around to waiting rooms. May be less intimidating than the 44 question one we currently have.
Hope to have an update about Drug Court progress next month

Treatment Committee: (Becky R.)  – Not Present
Working with corrections – getting ready for workshop
Vicki C will replace Otto as a speaker
Balance: $489.14
Buying 12x12s for St. Monica’s
After Jan 1, they will contact Area Treatment chair to have him come visit and help give them direction.
Changing meeting location to Village Inn

Website Committee: (Ron E.)
Posted minutes from Districts 3, 21, 22 and 29
54 subscribers!

Special Events Committee: (Carol)
Balance: $629.28
New chair: Kevin
Bob gave Kevin pouch of information for the committee.
Kevin will be getting an account opened again, was given the balance for the committee to deposit
Holiday Party
Speaker: Nancy
Still working on entertainment. Intergroup suggested DJ over a band.
**Meets 3rd Sunday of the Month at 1pm at the HiWay Diner. (This is no longer listed on the meeting list for some reason.)

For more info on all committee reports visit

Old Business:
Committee Budgets voted on
Approved. (with exception of corrections committee)
Central Office talking about visiting groups about its role.
Flier was brought in to show WHAT Intergroup is.
Doesn’t explain WHY we have Intergroup.
WE get it (people in Intergroup), but people outside don’t.
Discussed visiting meetings who don’t have IRs.
More copies of flier will be brought next month and we will go through and update it. Then it will be made available on the website.
Question: How much $ at CO is contributions vs. sales? About 30/70 sales
Need to put Intergroup’s Mission Statement on the front page of the website.
Have flier available at CO with other announcements.
Poster discussed about how Lincoln Intergroup fits into our service structure
Suggested to go to meetings before and take a couple minutes to explain

*Motion to table discussion: Second.*
New Business:
There is a list of people willing to speak or sponsor from the Old Timers Mtg.
Jim will give to secretary, Jessi, and should anyone want this info, contact her, or any other Intergroup Secretary in the future.

Meeting closed at 7:38 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, August 31 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.
Jessi W.