District 21 – November 2012

District 21 Business Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2012

Traditions read by: Becky N.

Officer Reports

Secretary ’S Report  F.).’ OctoberDist 21 Meeting Minutes Approved

Treasurer ’S Report (Jon RJ.’ *****See Treasurer’s Report at end of these mir1utes******

Sufñcient Substitute has requested for a “period ending date.” Jon R Will -have the period end be

the day prior to each Dist 21 Business Meeting. Any reimbursements requested or contributions ‘

received at a business meeting will then be added tothe next Treasurer’s report for next Dist 21
Business Meeting.

*Please note that the grid detail previously included in our meeting minutes have been removed
from the report section and the Treasurer’s report prepared by J on R will be included at the end
of these ofthe minutes.. i `

Intergroup Liaison Report (Tom B.) : Report was given.

(for full details, full report can be found on 1incaa.0rg)

DCM report (Jennifer R.):

I was able to attend the Cafeteria  41st Anníversaty Celebration on Sunday, Nov 4th, and
they had an great turnout  It was awesome to see so rnany AA members in which this AA group
has served and continues to serve. ‘

I was also able to attend the Area 41 Assembly in Columbus, along with 6 GSRS and 2 Alternate
_GSR’s from our District.

AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 006 Finance – Approve the Area 41 2013 Budget
****AREA 41 Passed 39-0****

AGENDA ITEM 2012-3-10 004 Finance ***Was amended as f0l10Ws***

Area 41 would reimburse two nights hotel Stay for any budgeted Area 41 position who live more
than 30() miles from the area41 meeting site as calculated by mapquest.

****AREA 41 Passed 26-12****

AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 008 Finance – ***was amended as folloWs***
Area 41 reimburse mileage to any budgeted area 41 position at 40% of the federal rate.
****AREA 41 Passed


Area 41 approve Alt Delegate to reserve Sandhills Convention Center for the Weekend of August
9-1 Oth and one ofthe lst two Weekends in November for the year 2014 if they -are available for
Area 41 Business Meetings in North Platte. ‘

****AREA 41 Passed 35-2****

Lori G stood for the position of “Trustee at Large” and was approved by a vote of 76-0.

Bill O stressed the importance of anyone who plans to go to Area 41 Business Meetings in North
Platte need to make reservations with the Sandhills Convention Center at least 4 Weeks in
advance to get our approved group rate of $77.00 (including tax) for a Standard 2 bed room,
Sandhills Convention Center reservations can be made by calling 1-308-532-9090.

Area 41 will need to hold elections for a new Area  Website Chair at the January 2013 Area

Grapevine is looking for stories on “Making Amends” and “Bridging the Gap.-”

The Area 41 Workshop performed a Group Inventory which was quite interesting and deemedI
to everyone who attended. –

Yours in Service,


GSR Reports:

1 Pocket of Enthusiasm (Jenni H.): not present

2. Sufficient Substitute (Becky N.): We will be having our 5th anniversary on December

6th, at 6:30 soup supper, speaker at 7:30 Sterling H. from Omaha.

3. Women’s Circle of Friends (Vickie P): We did the group inventory and discovered it had been awhile. The received the traditions check list and will be looking at that as Well.
They do have baskets for the holiday bash on Dec lst hosted by Intergroup/ Special

4. _Young Pe0p1e’s (Miranda R.): Not Present

5. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.): The anniversary was a success, they more then doubled attendance. Good cake. Speaker was good.

6. Spiritual- Actions (Brian C.): Things are good.

7. Seeking Solutions (Nancy S as given by J0n.): Attendance is steady, February 16th is the

19th anniversary breakfast. Rick A. is the speaker. 9AM breakfast, 10AM speaker.

8. Steps We Take (Michael F): Doing Well.

District 21I Business

Old Business:

1).W0rksh0p for lst quarter in 2013?

We are going to shoot for either a April 14th or April 7th date for our next workshop. These are the lst two Sundays in April. Torn suggested the topic for the Workshop be “Traditions in The Digital Age” and everyone liked the Suggestion.

Food suggestions were a desert bar, with possible contest on deserts made -by groups. We would like flyers to be ready by March and Íìnal decisions to be made by the J an 20th meeting. We are going to encourage group involvement. ‘

2) Possible other location for Dist 21 Bus Meetings with handicapped access.

Feedback from the groups about moving our Dist 21 business meetings to Bryan West meeting room.

Motion was made to move this meeting to Bryan LGH as this location Wouldlbe more assessible for all AA members wanted to attend and be of service starting in January 2013.

Motion passed 4 to 1.

Discussion: How do We determine the amount of rent for the new location? Does a facility who does not charge for services based on a groups purpose-violate the 7th tradition? Tom B will be Speaking With Contact at Bryan West to determine what they would normally charge a non-AA affiliated group Wanting to rent a meeting room.

Motion was made to keep the rent as $10 as We currently pay now when we move to Bryan.

Vote was tied 3 for and 3 against, DCM abstained for more infomation -motion failed.

New Business:

See the next page for the 2 AGENDA items which will be moving to vote at the Area 41
Assembly in January 2013. We will need to be prepared to Vote on December 16th.
Discussion on 2nd Agenda item: Is there poor Communication? Why must Area foot the bill.

October – November 2012


Rent: $10

Other Meeting Expenses:


Principles Before Personalities: $29.00

Spiritual Actions: _ (received check on 10/2, deposited but caI1’t remember amount)

Other checks received at Business Meeting:

*Total wfP1’udent Reserve: $668.47
Prudent Reserve: $150
Total  Prudent Reserve: $518.47

*This amount does not include the amount contributed by Spiritual Actions. I Will update
that amount no later than Tuesday October 23rd by e-mail to Jennifer.

November 2() 12:

Expenses: $10 rent
November area trip: $51.87

Other Checks at Mtg:

*Total W/Prudent Reserve: $606.60

Prudent Reserve: $150
Total W/o Prudent Reserve: $456.60