District 3 – December 2012

December 4, 2012

Opened at 7:05 p.m.

Traditions were read by Sheila H.

3 Officers Were Present                           2   Groups and 1 Committee was present

DCM –            Bob M.                        Michael I. Early Birds too Group

Intergroup –    Mark S.                        Sheila H. Lincoln Foxhall Group

Secretary –      Sheila H.                    Sheila H.                              Lincoln Foxhall Group

Treasurer – _Darrel W.

Sheila H. read the November 6, 2012 District 3 Meeting Minutes which were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: None
Intergroup Report: Mark S. (for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org )

There was discussion about the report on hotline calls, the topic of committees not needing any help and the balance/budget.  It was also reported that the new meeting list is up on the website.

DCM Report: Bob M.

  • Bob welcomed Mike I. the new GSR for Early Birds Too.
  • Bob reported that he had the discussion with Bob G. about the 4 corners workshop and District 3 will be doing the workshop the 4th quarter of next year (2013) so groups should be thinking about ideas for this workshop.
  • Groups should be checking to see if they have their group history.
  • The General Service Conference will be doing their inventory.
  • GSR’s are asked to go back to their groups and invite any committee members, or people who to that type of service work to attend District 3 meetings.


  • Voting item results from the November Area 41 meeting:

AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 004 Finance Passed 26 to 12 and now reads:

At Area there was an amendment made to read:  Area 41 would reimburse 2 nights hotel stay for any budgeted Area 41 positions who live more than 300 miles from the Area 41 meeting site as calculated by MapQuest.

AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 008 Finance Passed 39-0 and now reads:

At Area there was an amendment made to read:  Area 41 would reimburse mileage to any budgeted area 41 position at 40% of the federal rate.

AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 006 Finance (Area 41 2013 Budget) Passed 39-0

Emergency Voting Item: Passed 35-2

To allow the alternate delegate to change the dates to area 41 meeting weekends in 2014 to the weekend of August 8th and 9th and the early weeks in November.  Bill O. stated at the District 3 meeting that the meetings will be weekends of August 2nd and November 1st of 2014.

New Business:

Bill O: Bill brought Alcathon flyers to the meeting for GSR’s to take back to their groups.  There was a question as to why there are only 2 meetings this year; with discussion.

Recommended Agenda Items for a vote at the January 12th – 13th  2013 Area 41 meeting:

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10-012 Agenda

Area 41 shall invite the West Central Regional Trustee to participate in an Area 41 Meeting weekend once in each delegate panel rotation.  It is suggested that the invitation be extended for the last Area 41 Meeting weekend of each rotation which include the full Area 41 Election Assembly. Details of the visit will be finalized by the Area 41 Agenda Committee and the Area 41 Delegate at least one year before the visit. Funding for the estimated expenses of the Trustee’s visit shall be included in the Area 41 Chairperson’s budget.

Background information: Regular access to the trustee by trusted servants within Area 41 will improve communications throughout the service structure. Currently no formal communication lines exist between the trustee, who serves on the General Service Board and either AA World Services or AA Grapevine, and Area 41. Amount of and quality of information from the GSB to Area 41 depends on the style and inclination of both the seated delegate and trustee – sometimes information flow seems good and sometimes not so good. Even the impression of poor communication within Area 41 is not healthy for the fellowship. This proposal requires financial commitment, the amount to vary with the location of Area activities and residence of the trustee. Outlaws Group

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 011 Finance

Area 41 increase the Conference delegate contribution from $1500 to $2000.

Background information: An Advisory Action from the 62 General Service Conference’s Finance Committee recommended that the annual delegate’s contribution, be increased from $1200 to $1600 and passed with substantial unanimity. Estimated cost of sending Delegates to General Service Conference is $5800. Area 41’s Agenda Items Action Listing page XI-5 September 2000 reports a motion was passed for the finance committee to determine delegate’s contribution based on Area 41’s current financial status. If finance committee deter-mines Area 41’s current and projected financial status is adequate I request Area 41 consider the proposed change keeping with the spirit of self-support regarding 7th Tradition and considering inflation.
New Agenda Items Sent to Committee for discussion (Area 41 See NEBRASKANEWS for Background info):

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 001 Agenda

Select the District(s) to host the 2014 Area 41 Reunion.

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 002 Agenda

Explore possible locations and dates for the 2015 – 2016 Area 41 Meetings and Reunions.

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 003 Agenda

Add to the Area 41 Reunion Guidelines approved November 2011 under “speakers” item 5: Allow at least 1.5 hours for delegates report during the Area 41 Reunion to be scheduled no earlier than noon on Saturday.

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 004 Archives

Provide funding in the Area 41 Archives Committee budget for 2013 to allow the Area 41 Archivist to attend the National Archives Workshop in Springfield, MO September 12 – 15, 2013.
Old Business:

Continue to talk to groups that District 3 is still seeking people to serve as Alternate DCM & Alternate Intergroup Rep.
District 3 to hold a 4 Corners Workshop in 2013.
Group Reports:

Early Birds Too Group Michael I.  – (Monday – Friday 8:15AM – Lincoln)

The Group has elected a new GSR.  The meeting has good attendance and is going good.

Lincoln Foxhall Group Sheila H. – (Monday 7:30 PM – Lincoln)

The meeting is still going good.  We held elections for the 1 year positions and there are new people in place.  Some of the people were so excited that they started their term early.

Closed at 8:37 p.m. with the Serenity Prayer

Next District 3 Meeting will be held January 1, 2013 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor at 7:00 pm.