District 21 – January 2013

District 21 Business Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2013

Traditions read by: Keith

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report (Michael F.):   read minutes from Dec 2012 Dist 21 meeting

Treasurer’s Report (Jon R.):

Contributions Received:
Seeking Solutions $123.50
Principles Before Personalities $42.70

Distributions :
check to Jennifer $76.66 ($71.02 + Area $5.64 copies for Dec and Jan Agendas)

Current Balance : $731.03 ( – 150.00 prudent reserve)
*Available Balance : $575.39

Intergroup Liaison Report (Tom B.):  Gave a report for the meeting.
(for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org)

DCM report (Jennifer R.):

Over the holidays I was able to visit the 11th Step Group which meets on Sunday at 5:00 at 16th & K, first Christian Church and notified them of the location change for our District 21 Business Meetings so hope to see Jackie, their GSR, at some of our business meetings this year.

I was able to attend the Area 41 January assembly, and once again, District 21 had the most representation for a district, with 7 votes for the Election Assembly.  Margie N. was voted as our new Area 41 website chair for the remainder of this rotation.


(1) AGENDA ITEM  2012-03-10-12 Agenda  (was amended to below) : AREA 41 PASSED

Area 41 shall invite the West Central Regional Trustee to participate in an Area 41 Meeting weekend
once in each delegate panel rotation.  Details of the visit will be finalized by the Area 41 Agenda Committee and the Area 41 Delegate at least one year before the visit.  Funding for the estimated expenses of the Trustee’s visit shall be included in the Area 41 Chairperson’s Budget.

Please note: Our District originally voted against this before it was amended as we had a problem with the following statement which was originally was the second sentence: “It is suggested that the invitation be extended for the last Area 41 Meeting weekend of each rotation which include the full Area 41 Election Assembly.  Since this sentence was removed, i changed our District Vote to Approve the Agenda Item.
(2) AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 011 Finance:                AREA 41 PASSED

Area 41 increase the Conference delegate contributions from $1500 to $2000

I am looking forward to 2013 and the events District 21 will be hosting.  Yours in Service, Jennifer R

GSR Reports:
1    Pocket of Enthusiasm (Jenni H.): Things are good, still getting a group together for LCF.

2.    Sufficient Substitute (Keith K.):  Keith is now the GSR for the group.  They are still getting good attendance in the 14 to 16 range.  There is a new program coordinator Joyce is setting up speakers.

3.    Women’s Circle of Friends (Vickie P):  No big changes things are going well.

4.    Young People’s (Miranda R.): Things are fine.

5.    Cafeteria Group (Tom B.): 55 to 70 in attendance holding steady.

6.    Spiritual Actions (Brian C.): Business meeting held last month, all of the different committee members are up and running, taking meeting to touchstone, giving rides to meeting for people in prison, planning activities such as paint ball.  Average meeting size is 50 to 60.

7.    Seeking Solutions (Nancy S):  All service positions filled.  Dawn S. is now the intergroup rep.  Anniversary is 2/16/13.  (NOTE: It was previously stated the date is 2/23.) Rick A is the speaker, 9AM breakfast, speaker is at 10AM, there will be raffle.  Nice participation from the members of the group which is very nice to see.

8.      Steps we Take( Michael F):  Things are going well, we have some new people in attendance.  New people coming in.

District 21 Business

Old Business:

1). Spring Workshop –    Traditions in The Digital Age (proposed workshop topic)
1st or 2nd week of April

District 22 is planning to do a similar workshop on either Saturday, March 23rd or Saturday, April 6th. Miranda was able to go to the Dist 22 business meeting on Wednesday night to get more details in case we would want to consider joining them.

This workshop was pretty much planned at the last Dist 22‘s meeting.  They have everything pretty much set up with speakers, topics, the only thing they don’t have done is a firm date.  Discussed how this “cooperative”  event might be held, what we could do to participate.  The rent at the church is a goodwill donation which would be something in the $50-$100 range.

Take back to the group and find out what we’d need to feel “vested” in this event.  If the answer is no, then do they still want to have an event this spring, or scrub and focus on our unity picnic instead.


  • Would Dist 21 want to join them?  SEE ABOVE
  • Would we want to go ahead and do our own event and schedule a little further out on the calendar?  SEE ABOVE

New Business:

(1) New Agenda Items going to vote for March Assembly and summary of what they are regarding: ***Please Refer to Area 41 Newsletter for full description and background and there are 3 additional voting items as well for a total of 6 voting items***

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 001 Agenda    – Select District to host the 2014 Area 41 Reunion

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 002 Agenda    -Locations for 2012-2016 location (see attached bids)

AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 003 Agenda    – Add to Area 41 Reunion Guidelines When and how
much time should be allowed for Delegate’s Report

(2) Possibility of Groups or Dist 21 Hosting a Hospitality for this year’s reunion held May 31 – June 2nd:

The GSRs will go back and ask their groups if they would like us to host/sponsor a dist. 21 hospitality room.  Are they willing to help fund travel for people to attend.  etc…

(3)  Tom B will be resigning as the inter group rep for District 21.

Dist 21 Positions currently open:

ALTERNATE DCM – please note, this person would need to be available to step in and take over DCM responsibilities if DCM is not able to fulfill – possible travel to AREA 41 ASSEMBLY, Chair Monthly District meetings, This person should have a service background, and preferrable GSR background and knowledge of the Service Structure.

INTERGROUP REP – please note, this can be a current GSR.  The Intergroup Rep is the only “non-voting” position in the district when we vote in our district meetings or for elections within our district.
The Intergroup Rep would attend the monthly intergroup meetings which is held on the last Friday of each month at Willard Community Center, and Report back to the District 21 at monthly business meetings.