District 29 – January 2013

January 8, 2013
Opened at 6:30 p.m.

Traditions were read by: Sheila H.

4    Officers Were Present
DCM –         Albert S.     Treasurer –   Luke F.
Secretary – Sheila H.     Intergroup – Stacy N.

2 Groups were Present
Back to Basics Group Stacy N.
Life Preserver Group Steve B.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. December 11, 2012 District 29 minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Luke F. Balance $352.01 as of 1/8/2013

Beginning Balance $322.01                                                     Expenditures: None
Contributions:  $30.00                            (Note that we will be paying first quarter rent ($10.50) and Albers Area 41 expenses)

Intergroup Report: Stacy N. (for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org ) – Balance forward: $1,606.42                                                                        Intergroup Balance after these Obligations $ 886.46 – This balance is where intergroup would stand at the end of the year, if all money requested by committees are disbursed and no more contributions are taken in from AA groups.
2013 Budget Request:
Treatment Committee $ 1,000.00; Hotline $ 20.00; Website $ 100.00; PICPC $ 600.00; Intergroup $ 250.00

Corrections Committee: (Ron R.) – Meeting: December 4, 2012 – Balance $357.23
Bill O. The Monday night meeting is in need of AA volunteers. Contact Bill O. if interested.  The only expenses we foresee for the coming year are:  One case of hardback Big Books: $200.00 – Rent to Central Office: $ 60.00 – Estimated expenses: $260.00

Hotline committee: (Brian C.) – Calls – 80; Requesting Meeting Info – 69; 12 Step Calls – 11; Not answered –18

PI/CPC Committee: (Jessie H.) – Balance: $593.32
They are attempting to find the right people to talk to at Treatment Centers to let them know about the committee.  Pamphlets are in the process of being dropped off to hospitals.
The committee will be meeting with Drug Court sometime in January to see what their needs are for a monthly meeting.
We will invite people who we think would be interested in helping with this particular project to our January meeting.

Treatment Committee: (Becky R.) – Balance $116.96
Treatment Committee is looking to elect a new Committee chair as the old chairperson has stepped down, and they would like some assistance from a past treatment committee chairperson for guidance.
The committee members are asking for help to contact treatment facilities monthly

Website Committee: (Ron E.) – Minutes posted from all 4 districts, central office posted.  Some meetings have changed and the meeting lists for fall/winter now posted in on website (printer friendly version)

DCM Report: Albert S.  Will be attending Area 41 the weekend of January 12, 2013.

Old Business:

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10-012 Agenda            (Failed    0 – For the item ~ 3 Against)
VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2012-03-10 011 Finance            (Passed   3 – For the item ~ 0 Against)

New Business: None

Group Reports:
Life Preserver Group: – Steve B.  – The group is going well.   Approximately 30-35 people attend the group every Friday night, and there is always something new and exciting going on.

Back to Basics Group: – Stacy N.  – The group is going well and has great consistency.  Please note that it is the time of year that the group has business meetings the 1st Monday of every month.  Back to Basics Group will be having their anniversary March 11th.

The meeting closed at 6:45 p.m. with the serenity prayer.  Next Meeting will be held February 12, 2013 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor Room 2A @ 6:30 pm.