Intergroup – October 2010

Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

The AA Traditions were read by: Matt C

Roll was taken:
Officers present# 3
Committees present # 5
Group chair members present # 5
District present # 3

Minutes approved for September 24th:

Ron R. (22) – Meeting held on the 20th, DCM gave news letter. Area 41 inventory took place the weekend of 30th. There balance as of the 29th is $500.

Albert S. (29) – There balance as of the 29th is $100. Mentioned changes are being made in Columbus, NE for Area 41 coffee, it is to be provided for by Area, hotel is not going to cover  that. Also the number of times they meet a year may also change by 2013.

Ending working Balance: $

Mail checks to:
Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Respectfully your servant, Dick S. Treasurer

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: Jim C. – August meeting they approved Randy Johnson as a new  board member. Fall and winter 2010 – 2011 meeting schedule changes will be headed to the  printer soon. Still accepting resumes for alternate board members. Board approves paper entitled “What does the Lincoln Central Office do for me?” and copies will be available soon.

Lincoln AA Corrections Committee: Ron R. – Meeting was on Oct 5th, they have a balance of  $345.99. CCC is now back to going through the steps rather than the traditions there was a  lack of interest in the traditions from members. There working on budget for 2011

Hotline committee: Lauryn D. – N/A

PI/CPC Committee: Jerry D. – Getting together committee members.

Treatment Committee: Cody S – N/A

Website Committee: Ron E. –
Visits: 1291,
Page views: 3835,
Top pages: Meetings 2079, Home 840, Links 148, Events 144

Visits: 1274,
Page views: 3513

Top pages: Meetings 1914, Home 782, Links 123, Events 123

2010 Visits total so far – 10585
2010 Page views so far – 33714

Special Events Committee: Matt C. – Treasury balance as of Oct 29th $484.30. Finalizing  Christmas party and looking for volunteers if you’re interested contact Matt or show up for  the next meeting on 21st of November.

For more info on all committee reports visit

Old Business: None

New Business: Dick S. and Brian both volunteered for treasurer intergroup. They gave a  brief overview of whom they are and why they would be good candidates for this position  and then group voted. Dick S. was voted in as new Treasurer. Thanks to both for stepping up. Congratulations to Dick!

Committee budgets are due next month people!

Bob M. asked why hotline is not going as it should, and groups are not getting the hotline   signup sheets. Mentioned that if it doesn’t get rolling need to look at voting someone in to  take over position, needs action! Others agreed that it has not been getting to the groups quarterly.

Discussions went around the room about hotline and how it used to run and what
changes could be made. Also the lack of participation at the group level of attendees
by the reps at intergroup. We need your attendance to help get the hotline going it’s not a  one man operation.

Meeting closed @ 7:20 PM, and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer. On to November!

The next meeting is November 26th @ 6:30 @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom  St.

Pleased to be at your service: Brian. D