PI/CPC Minutes – February 2013

Attendance: 10
– Thank you to all the guests for joining us!!

  • Bryan Health says we can’t just bring pamphlets in
    • Alyssa will continue to work with them by contacting their PR
    • Jessi will have volunteers take pamphlets to St. E’s and Nebraska Heart Hospital
    • Amanda is stepping down from chairing PICPC.
      • Discussion on how to proceed
        • Decided to just decide at that meeting because we have not had many new people for a while
  • Jessi H & Kjerstin E are both willing to chair.
    • They will be co-chairing for the remainder of the rotation
    • Bernice’s report on treatment center contacts
      • Got 4 out of 10 responses via email.
      • Got some requests for speakers
        • The VA
        • Houses of Hope
        • These requests will be passed on to Treatment committee
        • Drug Court Meeting
          • Changed to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, due to some conflicts on the 1st.
          • Still at 6:30 p.m.
          • Chair takes someone with them each time
            • Chair rotates every 4 months
            • Chair person is also aloud to share a long with speaker
  • Need to get the disclaimer for singleness of purpose from Spiritual Actions
  • There is a Drug Court alumni type group – New Beginnings – maybe they could take this over at some point or at least help with
  • Carter will take 1st rotation
    • Speakers need to come from PICPC, or the other people who attended this meeting
    • Jessi and Kjerstin will work on format and email out to everyone for feedback
      • We will just work on the first meeting
      • After the first meeting, we will get feedback from speakers and then work on the next three months