District 29 – February 2013

February 12, 2013                                Opened at 6:30pm.


Traditions were read by: Stacy N.


  4   Officers Were Present                       2   Groups were Present

DCM –  Albert S.                                                   Back to Basics Group

Intergroup – Stacy N.                              Life Preserver Group up

Secretary – Sheila H.

Treasurer – Luke F.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. January 8, 2013 Minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report: Luke F. Balance $278.30

Expenditures $10.50 1st Quarter Rent;   $73.11 Albert to Area Contributions $0.00;    Beginning Balance $352.61


Intergroup Report: Stacy N.  (for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org )

Intergroup’s Balance is $813.90 after paying all of 2012 disbursements to committees, and paying for Intergroup rent for all of 2013. Intergroup reports that if they pay all of 2013 disbursements to committees that they will be -$976.10, which means that they will be out of funds by the 2nd quarter.

Intergroup has approved a motion to notify groups once the budget gets below $600.00

Central Office still needs 1 alternate Board Member

Hot Line had 69 calls – 63 for information, 6 – 12 Step Calls, 8 not answered.

Treatment Committee is still working on getting a new Chair person.  At this time Becky R. is standing in as the Committee Chair.

PI/CPC Committee balance is Balance: $593.32
They have a letter typed up to send out to treatment centers and are including a flier from GSO, “What is AA” to send with it.  Drug Court Meeting will began March 6 and will happen 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:30 at Drug Court.


DCM Report: Albert S.

The report given from the Area 41 P.I. Committee:  There have been 100 calls from September through November.  There were 30 male callers, 48 female callers, 26 not listed, 85% were looking for a meeting.  The hotline used the website to find a meeting for the callers.  The committee discussed how to handle intoxicated members who come into meetings.  The committee is looking at creating a sub-committee to handle the State Fair.  They discussed Webpage items, and a new Public Service Announcement which would be a Spanish version.

Old Business: None


New Business:  District 22 invited District 29 to participate in Workshop that will be held on March 23rd, 2013 and District 29 respectfully declined the invitation.

Area 41 Assembly in January:

New Website Chair person was elected; the new Chairperson is now Margie N.


AGENDA ITEM 2012 -03-10 #012 Agenda

This item was amended to read:

Area 41 shall invite the West Central Regional Trustee to participate in an Area 41 Meeting weekend once in each delegate panel rotation. Details of the visit will be finalized by the Area 41 Agenda committee and the Area 41 Delegate at least one year before the visit.  Funding for the estimated expenses of the Trustee’s visit shall be included in the Area 41 Chairperson’s budget.

Vote to approve this voting item as amended passed 36 For – 2 Against with no minority voice given.


AGENDA ITEM: 2012-03-10 #011 Finance

Area 41 increase the Conference delegate contribution from $1500 to $2000

Background: The original background reads:

Vote to approve this voting item passed 36 For – 1 Against with no minority voice given.


Area 41 Assembly Voting Items for the March Assembly:


VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 001 Agenda – District 29 is not interested in bidding

Select the District(s) to host the 2014 Area 41 Reunion.

Background: Any district(s) in Area 41 may bid to host the Area 41 Reunion typically held at the same facility as the Area 41 Meetings. The reunion is traditionally held during June.

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 002 AGENDA – District 29 narrowed down the location to two of the locations in the Nebraska News the two choices are below:

Area 41 select the location for the 2015-2016 Area 41 Meeting Weekends and Reunions.


Background: Please review the locations, costs and amenities listed below. Please note that there are no dates listed since the hotels cannot guarantee that dates will still be available at the time of our selection in March. The dates will be announced prior to the vote.


Sandhills Convention Center North Platte NE

Room Rate for both years 2015 – 2016

$68.99 (for single/double/triple/quad occupancy plus applicable taxes) $98.99 for Suite

All meeting room space per event (weekend) fees waived – Two Complimentary Two Room Suites per night –  Complimentary Hospitality Suite – Coffee Free – Free Hot Breakfast


Ramada Inn Kearney Ne

Room Rate for both years 2015 – 2016

(for single/double/triple/quad occupancy plus applicable taxes)

January – $69.95 : March – $79.95 : June – $99.95 : July – $99.95 : October – $69.95

All meeting room space per event (weekend) fees waived – Free Hot Breakfast

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 003 Agenda (Item Failed at District 29 ~ 1 – For; 2 – Against)

Amend the Area 41 Reunion Guidelines to add the following line to the end of the “Speakers” section: 5 It is suggested that two hours be scheduled for the Area 41 Delegate’s Report from the General Service Conference, preferably on Saturday afternoon.


Background: The Area 41 Delegate’s Report is still supposed to be the primary focus of the Area 41 Reunion. For this reason, adequate time for a full report with questions and answers is needed. The Area 41 Reunion Committee needs the flexibility to schedule events so Saturday afternoon is preferred but not suggested.

District 29 would like this item to be more specific and state that the Delegates report would be Saturday after noon, and be at least 2 hours.


VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 004 Archives (Item Failed at District 29 ~ 1 – For; 2 – Against)

Provide funding in the Area 41 Archives Committee budget for 2013 to allow the Area 41 Archivist to attend the National Archives Workshop in Springfield, IL September 12 – 15, 2013.


Background: Current budget provides funds for the Archives Committee Chairperson or the Area 41 Archivist to attend the National Archives Workshop every two years. The Archives Committee feels that it would greatly benefit the new Archivist with knowledge and skills for his service responsibilities to Area 41. This would be a one-time change to the Area 41 budget.


VOTE: AGENDA ITEM: 2012-01-21 #001a (Item Failed at District 29 ~ 1 – For; 2 – Against)

Area 41 shall approve the following as the method of handling a possible appeal of an Area 41 Standing Committee decision to “Take no action” on an agenda item.


Non-Emergency Items


1) Non-emergency floor actions are requests to consider agenda items that were resolved in committee by “Take no action”.

2) ONLY an originator of the agenda item can request a nonemergency floor action.

3) The Area 41 Chairperson will ask if there is a motion to permit the floor action. If a motion is made, seconded, and approved, the floor action will be placed on the voting agenda for the next Area 41 Business Meeting and the documentation from the standing committee will be published in the Area 41 newsletter.


Background: The ad-hoc committee that wrote the proposed Area 41 Service Handbook included this section because floor actions are permitted at the General Service Conference. This Report and Charter Committee decided that, since there is no tradition of an Area 41 “right of appeal” of an Area 41 Standing Committee decision, this section must be discussed and approved by Area 41 before it can remain in the proposed Area 41 Service Handbook. If approved, this will remain in the proposed Area 41 Service Handbook as Section VII.B.3.b.; if not, it will be removed.


VOTE: AGENDA ITEM: 2012-01-21 #001b (Item Failed at District 29 ~ 1 – For; 2 – Against)

Approve the proposed Area 41 Service Handbook.


Background: The proposed Area 41 Service Handbook has been in committee for over two years. It has been posted on the Area 41 Website for over one year. It was discussed at an Area 41 Workshop. All questions, comments, and concerns received by the Report and Charter Committee have been addressed.  It is time to approve or reject.


Group Reports:

Back to Basics Group –  Stacy N. (Monday 8:00PM ~ Lincoln)

This meeting is a good meeting and continues to be strong.  The business meeting is held the first Monday of each month.  The next Business meeting will be held March 4th at 7:30 p.m.  Back to Basics will be having their annual anniversary meeting soon.

The District 29 Meeting closed at 8:10 p.m. with the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held March 12, 2013 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor Room 2A @ 6:30 pm.