PI/CPC Minutes – April 2013


Attendance – 4


Old Business

Drug Court Presentation

Kjerstin revised the format (everyone likes it, will see how it goes in May and talk about other revisions after feedback)

No participants showed up for April Meeting

Luke & Jeff will go in May

Jesse contacted Jessi and is now the contact for that meeting

He requested that I email a day or so prior to remind him

He promised he will have participants there in future


Jeff H purchased:

30 speaking at Non AA mtg pamphlets

100 12 questions pamphlets

Purchased from Area 41

Will be shipped to Jeff; can decide what to do with them next month

Planned parenthood? Where is that located now?

Free clinics

Family physicians office

Doctor’s offices (people talk to their own doctors)

Social workers (in hospitals)


Gmail Account

Haven’t heard anything on this


New Business

Balance – $820 after literature is purchase

Funds are high, and have $600 requested for disbursement in 2013

Tell intergroup to remove that request from their budget


What’s next?

– Recruitment for PICPC

Accountable people

Having something for people to do if they come

Positions needed:


Intergroup rep

Districts reps (someone from each district in lincoln to take messages back to all the districts)


Jeff will check when we got PSAs last

Jeff will bring options of PSAs for us to look at next month

Jessi will bring the PI and the CPC workbooks from Area 41 for the committee to go through and establish a Plan of Action for the next 7 months.


Jeff will be taking meeting lists around to places (like he used to). He will bring a report of where next month.


Order literature for Doctors and Clergy packets (suggested by Area 41 CPC committee)

Bernice will send the lists to Jessi and she will check our current inventory

Then we will purchase the remaining pieces needed