District 29 – September 2013

Opened at 6:31pm.                                                                Traditions were read by: Luke F.

    3    Officers  and no Groups were present

DCM – Albert S.                ; Treasurer – Luke F.       Secretary – Sheila H.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. August meeting minutes were approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: Luke F.

Balance $532.36 as of 9/10/2013.
Contributions: $291.09
(Expected: DCM Expenses to Area 41 by next Month)
Expenditures: (The meeting Place lost the 2nd Quarter check therefore it was cancelled & included with 3rd Quarter’s rent)
2nd & 3rd Quarter rent for District 29 Meetings $21.00
Annual PO Box Fee: $60.00

Intergroup Report:  (for full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org )


DCM Report: Albert S.

An email was received by Bill O. stating:

“This message is to inform you that the offer made by the Holiday Midtown in Grand Island may no longer be our best option for the location of our events in 215-2016.

The presentation during the March Area Weekend included information that all room and set-up fees would be waved.  Due to a change in hotel personnel, revised contracts including this information were never sent and were we to accept the hotel’s offer, it would include a $500 per event set-up fee which would be waived only if we could reach an unrealistic number of room rentals.  This further complicated by the hotel having no dates available in either June or July.  This, of course, would significantly affect our schedule of events for those years.

Fortunately, we are not without options.  The Sandhills Inn and Convention Center has all of our requested dates for both years and will hold those dates until after our September Area Weekend and I will also contact the New World Inn in Columbus for their availability for our request dates.

I will have more information at the September Area Weekend and you can expect an Emergency Voting item at that time.”

Old Business:

Voting Agenda Item 2013-01-12 #007 Report and Charter Failed at District 29 ~ Unanimous Vote

Voting Agenda Item 2012-03-10 #007 Finance Passed at District 29 ~ Unanimous Vote


New Business:

There will be Elections for all Service Positions for District 29 Tuesday October 8, 2013

Alternate DCM
Intergroup Rep

Group Reports:

Life Preserver Group:Luke F.

The group is going well.  There have been a lot of newcomers attending and we seem to be filling up the room.  The meeting starts at 7:00pm.

Closed at 7:06pm with the serenity prayer. Next Meeting will be held October 8, 2013 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor Room 2A @ 6:40 pm.