District 29 Meeting Minutes – January 2016

District 29 Meeting January 12, 2016

Meeting Started: 6:30 pm

Officers Present: Groups Present:

DCM: J.R. Life Preserver: Jenni H.

Treasurer: Stacey K. Back to Basics: Chris P.

Friday Night Eagle: Albert S.

Traditions read by: Albert S.

Secretary report: N/A

Treasurer report:

– Current balance: $543.77

Intergroup report: N/A

– See full details at https://lincaa.org/committees-districts/intergroup/

DCM report:

– Area needs a new IT chair. Albert confirmed someone has been asked but nothing has been confirmed.

– Area Meeting

– Website Committee needs a new chair. The committee is discussing glitches with maps and meeting locations on mobile devices.

– DCMs had a meeting with the delegate. They discussed the purpose of the reunion. Previously the only way to get the delegate report was to go to the area reunion. Now the delegate goes to most of the districts and presents there.

– Treasurers report: $216 but group contributions have not been deposited.

– Voting Items

– AGENDA ITEM 03-08-2015 #003 – Increase the contribution that Area 41 makes to GSO to cover a portion of the Delegate’s expense at the General Service Conference by $600 in 2016.

– Passed. 60 For, 0 Opposed.

– AGENDA ITEM 07-26-2015 #001 – Move the position of Taper and all the budget lines items that support this position to the Archives Committee.

– Sent back to committee. 38 For, 21 Opposed.

Emergency Voting Item – Increase delegate budget $450 to get extra presenter

– Passed. 58 For, 0 Opposed.

– New Business

– Need to select district to host reunion

– Discussing term limits for 1.5 rotations

– Need to establish sobriety guidelines for chairs (tabled).

Old Business:

– District 29 needs a secretary. Jenni H. stood for it and was passed unanimously.

– District 29 does not have a new treasurer. Stacey K. will remain the treasure due to no interest.

– District 29 still needs an intergroup rep.

New Business:

– The district members will visit the groups listed on the where and when list from Area. Stacey K. will email out the list to the group so everyone can find meetings to visit.

– J.R. would like to attend the West Central Regional Conference. Hotel rooms are $89.99 +tax, the mileage is ~1,500 miles and the registration is $15. Stacey K. made the proposal to agree to cover up to $250 for the trip (room, registration, and gas). If the amount is higher, J.R. can propose it to the group to be reimbursed for the additional expenses and it can be voted on at that time. Chris P. second it. Motion was passed unanimously.

Group Updates:

Friday Night Eagle: 7-10 people regularly attend.

Back to Basics: A core group of 20 people.

Life Preserver: Good attendance with about 30 people regularly attending.

Meeting Closed: 7:30 pm with the Serenity prayer