Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2017

June Intergroup Minutes

Open at 6:34pm
13 attended
Brock read the 12 Traditions
Moment of silence followed by Serenity Prayer
Secretary report- Approved
Treasurer report- Approved
Chair Person: Bernice- No report
Correction: Joe- The corrections committee will now meet in room 3A at the Meeting Place. Balance remains $157.16. Need immediate female volunteers at City County Jail. Contact Sheri Cather 420-441-1900 ext: 24155 for volunteering.
PICPC: Jessie- 4 people attended, got a booth at the County Fair. Gave a Big Book to a local church.
Hotline: Elayn- Few questions about Hotline form.
WebMaster: Shawn- Renew work press for another year the cost $119.88
Special Event: Nate- Put down deposit today for the July 4th picnic. Need volunteers to help.
Lady Big Book: Lindsey- Will need volunteers for babysitters same with seeking solution. Collage age and up. $20.00 week $30.00 on business meeting. Call Lindsey 402-326-3005 for info.
Closed at 7:45pm
Next meeting on July 28th at 6:30pm. Saint James Methodist 2400 S. 11th street
Respectfully submitted by Edward