Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2018

June 28, 2018 – Start at 6:39 PM – 7 in attendance

Opened with moment of silence, followed by Serenity Prayer

Traditions: Read by Brock

May minutes ready by Lindsay

Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes passed


  • May update: PICPC cashed 2017 Disbursement
  • June prelim: 
    • 1 contribution
    • No expenses
    • Remaining funds (less remaining disbursements): $1,261.83

Web Chair:

  • Officially renewed website
  • No action on updating Friday meeting to Thursday. This will be completed before next month’s meeting
  • Reports are not getting to chair in a prompt fashion


  • $267.25 beginning balance
  • Largest gap is at the Diagnostic & Evaluation Center. Need male volunteer for Monday
  • Committee is available for 4th of July picnic
  • Committee received 2nd Disbursement in May, but was not accounted for in the treasury report
    • Chair will consult Treasurer

PICPC: No report


  • $381.59 beginning balance
  • Currently discussing doing a Bridging the Gap Forum, possibly at area
  • Seward treatment committee members visited
  • New Bridging the Gap chair (Brandy)


  • No numbers available for last 30 days, will bring May numbers to next meeting
  • Central Office is considering new hotline structure; specifics are currently unavailable as it only an idea

Special Events:

  • Spent $160 for 400 hotdogs
  • Will need to get plates and ice
  • Chair has contacted St. Monica’s to bring residents
  • Chair plans to contact Independence Center, Houses of Hope, Bridge and Fresh Start
  • Will contact PICPC/Treatment to confirm someone from their committees will be available for a small presentation at the picnic
  • Has budget for raffles; few groups are donating
  • Sound system will be available

District 3: No Report

District 21: No Report

District 22: 

  • Still looking for Intergroup Rep
  • Grapevine workshop planning continues

District 29:

  • Reunion 2018 Updates:
    • Reunion profited $471.24 ($2,000 seed money was replenished)
    • 119 in attendance, decrease from 2017
    • Speaker was a trustee at large; he also provided a presentation, so GSO covered expenses
      • Reunion used $471.24 profit as a donation to GSO since they helped cover speaker’s expenses
  • Nothing else to report

Old Business:

  • District 3 DCS has received Huddle information; District is waiting until next business meeting to review material
  • No action taken to updating the Huddle material to the Intergroup website

New Business:

  • Does intergroup have an interest in helping with costs of printing a 2nd meeting list throughout the year
    • Central Office prints meeting lists once a year due to costs
    • Discussion: no cost amounts provided
    • Discussion: It would be helpful to know how many meeting updates there has been in the last six (6) months
  • Central Office voted to move to quarterly business meetings

Motion to close – 2nd received.

Meeting closed at 7:22 PM