PICPC Committee Notes 2/12/19

PICPC Committee Notes – 2/12/19

Luke read traditions

Secretary (Kjerstin E.): Kjerstin read old minutes.  Minutes were approved and 2nd

Chair (Alyssa W.): Alyssa brought the PICPC workbooks to look through with the committee and determine work to do in the upcoming year.

Treasurer (Luke H.):  Total balance is $170.86.  Luke got a debit card for the account.  Will be ordering a literature rack for the VA. 

Literature (Jessi H.):  Jessi completed doing inventory on the literature, and completed making packets.  She also got the Lincoln public libraries (2) 2-year subscriptions to The Grapevine. 

Intergroup (Chris L.): Gave the intergroup report from January’s meeting.  Corrections still desperately needs help in both men and women’s.

Old Business:

  • Jessi hasn’t heard back from Susan, the representative from EAP for the city.  She is still waiting for her response.
  • Cindy will reach out to First Plymouth about Stephen’s Ministry needs.

New Business:

  • Luke will purchase a literature rack for the VA for $26.
  • Jessi and Erika are going to speak to nursing students at Wesleyan on 2/19.
  • Jessi got in touch with the training coordinator at the juvenile detention center, who passed on her contact info to the staff training coordinator.
  • Looking at the PI Workbook:
  • Alyssa is going to reach out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission and see what sort of literature would be helpful.
  • Kjerstin will talk to Jeff H. about the public service announcements.
  • Jessi will reach out to the Lancaster county fair about having a literature rack at the fair.