District 29 – March 2011


Opened at 6:32pm.

Traditions read by Matt C.

4 officers present, 4 meetings present; Friday Night Eagle, Life Preserver, Midtown Group and Back to Basics.

Treasurer’s Report: John V. gave report. Balance of $244.18. Post office box paid for a year, reimbursed DCM for January’s Area 41 meeting. Contributions received from Life Preserver and Clubhouse Group.

Secretary’s Report: None.

Intergroup Report: 1 officer, 3 committee’s, 2 districts and 4 meetings present. Hotline getting updated. Treatment committee trying to get started back up.

DCM Report: Went over voting items for March’s Area 41 business meeting.

#001-passes 5-0, #002-passes 3-1, #004-passes 4-1, #006-passes 4-0, #007-trusted servant, #033- failed 0-3, #011-passes-3-2.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Closed at 7:26pm with serenity prayer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, 5/10/11.